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P to U, Thank You

P is for Paul , celebrating my birthday with me. Q is for a quilt-looking sea turtle large beach towel my sister sent me as a birthday gift. I love it. It will be perfect for Hawaii. R is for a relaxing day off with my grandson accessible via face time. He is playing with a filter here, a sparkly face mask? S is for my silly grandson. Here, he makes me laugh. T is for digital toys using the screen. If it's grandma on the other side of the screen, I think, we can allow more time. U is for just the two of us. My grandson is not too happy with the news that the new sibling will be a girl. I am trying to bank some just to two of us time, for in four months, we will be busy with a baby. V is for my forever valentine , birthday, and all holidays date who is also my foodie buddy.   W is for the wonderful cartoon filters that remove wrinkles automatically. :)

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