Overcoming Procrastination Project 1

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I went outside and thought, "It's not so bad." There is beauty outside.
I just have to choose the way there and capture the moment.

I'm trying this free app on my phone, Dragon dictation, for the first time for my post. The first sentence worked great so far. 

I plan to start my Sunday, good, checking to do items on my list as the day progressed. It is part of my project remedying and overcoming procrastination. 

It is hard getting up first thing in the morning. Even that is a struggle. Getting up as soon as the alarm goes off is not my nature. But here I am, rising from the bed right now. 

I mean right now (half an hour later).Why is the motto, Just Do It, so hard to do?

Following Leo Babuta's post on overcoming procrastination, I will start with regular baby steps. So here I go. Okay, now I'm putting on my jogging pants getting ready to go for a walk outside.

Sunscreen, check.

A drink of water, check.

Daughter and her girlfriend in her bedroom? Wait a minute. I need to check if they're actually in the bedroom before I head off. . . They're in the room! Big check!

Toenails? No check. I am wearing my sneakers and covering them.

Hair? I won't even comb my hair.  I'm just gonna cover it up with a big straw hat, anyway. I might as well save my time.

I'm on the street now. It is 7:37 in the morning. It's still nice to be out. There are only three people walking outside with a dog. It is early enough.


I'm sorry that's meant to be for Snowball. He is barking his head off at the poor old dog.

I'm changing my route a bit today so we can walk under more areas of shade. We're at Ingalls Street walking several blocks now. We are turning around as I begin to smell trash. 

I should be able to tell we're getting deeper to the worse part of the neighborhood as I looked at the cars parked on the street. There were more and more cars parked outside. And although there is no sign of early morning activities and traffic (the cars look like they haven't been used at least overnight), I felt uneasy and crowded.

The cars I see look older and older. One of them looks like it's been parked there for a long time. The car is so dusty and two of its tires are flat. The jeep in front of it has a damaged bumper on the rear. The damage is bad enough, I'm afraid the bumper will drop any second.

Now we're approaching the better part of the neighborhood. At last, there are fewer cars parked on the street. The front yards are wider and bigger. There are more plants with flowers in bloom. It's a much better scenery. Better yet, there is no stench from overflowing trash. 

I just passed by some roofers pounding on a house's roof. The noise they make is so loud I could hear them three blocks away. It is Sunday morning. I'm surprised the neighbors are allowing this. Anyway, it is now 8 o'clock in the morning. It is probably okay. I'm glad I'm far enough from it, though. I don't think I'd hear it from my house when I get back.

I got back to the house. I am in a better mood. My dogs are tired and content. And they are not staring at me following me around, wondering when I am gonna take them out for a walk.

That is an accomplishment, the first day of overcoming procrastination. I walked first thing in the morning.

Following Leo Babuta's recommendation, I am posting this project to my blog to help me keep accountability.

Welcome to my world—day 1 of overcoming procrastination—a new round.

Do you need a word prompt to inspire you to write on a Sunday morning? Join us in Sunday Scribbling. The word today is "toenails." It is summer. What do yours look like?


  1. Your dogs are a great incentive to get up and about of the house early. Let's hope they put a pleading look on their faces for a walk each morning! As for the toenails you can do them this afternoon.


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