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Please Save Me from "F"

It's February It's a great time to be Freely writing and word finding Fun words for you to see As often, the visual me Have to f ind some inspirations To add for considerations To help with my creation A f lower collage seems like a good f it With my daughter above  Donning our f uschia knits Below it is us sharing some food To  the right are some f lowers That help boost my mood And lastly, it's Snowball Our f urball who's small He may not be that tall But he sure can growl ------------------ F rom here I will stop And boldly, I ask If you're 65 and up Will you help me out? Please answer some questions F or around f our minutes I'll compensate you f or  your time (As you save me from getting an F) F or my college class online. Here's the link: Survey As of now, 2/14/2018, 5pm MST, I got enough participants. So thank you guys for reading. Join the fun ABC Wednesday group!