Welcome to Carin's Gratitude webspace, a blog I write with a  focus on healthy well-being, gratefulness, and self-improvement through personal motivation, productivity, education, professional nursing, family life, volunteering, and health. I share my experiences and observations from books I have used, the meetings, conferences, and courses I have attended, my employment, therapy, volunteer work, tips from my instructor and productivity coach, and family life.

About Me

Hello.  I'm Carin.

I work 36 hours a week (sometimes more) as a nurse for nineteen years now and am currently taking care of critically ill patients in the adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I parent and grandparent young adults, children, and pets.

I started this blog to write about health promotion, preservation, gratitude, stress relief, and maintenance of simple joys in life. I do not have all the answers but I write to share my observations as I experienced what it is like to:
  • live with cancer, depression, and hypertension (I am a breast cancer survivor for eleven years now)
  • face the struggles to stay fit and healthy
  • parent challenging children
  • work the stressful job of a nurse (I still love my job as a staff nurse for 19 years from preCOVID-and post-COVID times)
  • put on a smile each day as life goes on
More About Me

I am from generation X, and formerly lived in the Philippines and California. I spend much of my free days outdoors and by the beach.

I constantly improve myself by taking courses and attending conferences.

I try to update this blog at least monthly.

Nurse Family Cartoon Image
As this is my personal blog, I mention my loved ones a lot.  Paul poses as my soul mate and husband, with our young family living close by.

Nurse Carin health wellness blogger
Thanks for reading.

Carin Diaz

Health Blog Blogger