Summer Gratefulness


Working Outdoors in the Patio with a Laptop
The weather is so nice, I can just hang out on the patio all day.

  • I'm so grateful for my laptop. I can take it anywhere I go, so I can work from the patio, the living room, or even my bed. But maybe I should not work on my bed.
  • Get parts for this small pot with solar fountain at Amazon.
    I'm also grateful for my fake fountain. It's so relaxing to listen to the water running, even though I know it's not real.

  • I'm grateful for my espresso maker's ease of use. It's so easy to make a perfect cup of espresso, even if I'm not a morning person. With it, I make the perfect cup of coffee every time. And I'm grateful for no-calorie leaf sweetener. It's the perfect way to sweeten my coffee without adding any calories.
  • I'm grateful for days off. They give me a chance to relax and recharge. And I'm grateful for a good week at work. It's always nice to feel like I'm making a difference. This past week, there was zero death in the ICU.
  • I'm grateful that the COVID vaccine is no longer required by the CDC because of the low risk. I am not anti-vaccine but I am grateful for the reasoning of no-requirement. It's one less thing to worry about and COVID is no longer that scary. I never thought I would write something like this back in 2020 and 2021.
  • Grateful for fresh farmers market tomatoes
    I'm grateful for the farmer's market. It's a great place to get fresh, local produce. And I'm grateful for fresh vegetables. Fresh cherries and tomatoes. They're so good for you.
  • And finally, I'm grateful for my reusable woven basket. It helps me reduce waste and reuse. I'm trying to be more environmentally conscious, and this is one small way I can do that. Plus, it is strongly pushed by the state. Colorado is behind California on this but we are catching up.

  • I'm grateful for my laptop's battery life. It's long enough that I can work for hours without having to worry about it dying.
  • I'm grateful for a good week at work with grateful patients, family, and co-workers. It's nice to know that my hard work is appreciated.
 I know I'm lucky to have all of these things in my life. I'm so grateful for them all.

Ten Things of Thankful
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  1. Such a happy list, and a video to boot! Have a great week!

  2. Your list has me smiling, so many joyful things to celebrate!

  3. I'm with Mimi and Kristi, excellent TToT this week.
    (And good to see you again!)


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