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Happy Thanksgiving

At Into The Fire ceramic painting studio with helpful staff, Arvada The Christmas season is here!  Wait, it is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. Some streets are already decorated with Christmas lights. I am not ready yet.  "Can we put the Christmas tree up?" "Not yet. Let's wait until this weekend," I told my daughter. We have a small foil tree that literally takes only five minutes to put up and decorate, ready with its light and all. Anyway, it does not matter. It is too early to put a tree up. I feel hurried.  Can I take the time to be thankful first? Of course, I can. It is the Thanksgiving week, anyway . .  .It will be Thanksgiving Thursday before the Black Friday Christmas shopping event.  Moving on, I am thankful for: The freedom I get to enjoy in America. "God Bless America, my home sweet home." The approaching year to give me a chance to start anew. I want to be more productive. I already start

Times of Gratitude

It has been a good week, not perfect but good. Hey, I'm here and have the energy and time to post. My theme this week is -- you guessed it. Time ! This week I went to a co-worker's retirement party and enjoyed some nursing cake too. Levell retired after serving the hospital as a nurse for over 30 years. We met at the brewery and the place was packed with mostly her friends and coworkers. I kissed her goodbye and she had this tears of joy and maybe sadness as well that she is leaving. God bless her. A walk in the park around the lake is great with dog Velvet and best when my daughter tags along too even though she stays on the concrete with her skateboard. Going back, she offered to hold V's leash. Velvet ran pulling her. It was funny to look at. Velvet seemed to really like pulling my daughter like pulling a kid on a sled. We had a great time . I finally tried acupuncture that I had been dreading to do to alleviate some aches, anxiety, stress, and over

The Quality of Life

At work, we talk about this often—quality of life. What is the quality of life? It varies from person to person, where we are at right now, where we have been, what we've been through. To me, life is good, when I see my children smiling when they are successful in school or at work, and eventually when they become self-sufficient. It can be most of the parents' dream. Quality of life is good enough for me if I am free of life-changing illness that prevents me from providing for my family, free of severe pain, free of severe anxiety. I had been there and can't imagine going back. At work, in intensive care unit, many families and patients face the situation of whether to go on and on with aggressive medical treatment. What is the best possible scenario? How much suffering does it take to have a chance of 5 percent or so in life and live with, maybe breathing through a tracheostomy, feeding through a tube, not being able to walk again, and be bedridden? Often times, t

Do Without Complaining

Can we go for a walk now? I complain that my teens are messy in their rooms, that they don't help enough around the house . . . that . . . Wait, two years ago, they were not even in the house. They ran away many times, etc. I can clean up their rooms, do most of the tasks. The true peace in my heart is knowing where they are, hearing their voices, watching them eat, hearing their stories. . . I am not going to allow complaints to invade my day. I close the door on it. There is no room for it in my heart. Today, I will go to work thinking about what I can do to help my patients and their families. I will listen to their complaints with an open mind and help them. It's gonna be a cold day. But for now, I have to tend to my dogs before I leave the house. They are watching me now craving for attention. Philippians 2:14 "Do all things without complaining and disputing."

October Gratitude

Hello, hello. I have not posted anything or read my blog for three months. I just found out tonight than my paid domain has been deleted. *gasp* I am still here though, back with my old Blogspot name. However busy I had been, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking I have to post my gratitude. I owe it to you to share my good news. Life is not always bad. I don't want to write just when I have something to complain about. But forgive me, I have to get this one thing out of the way. I was pretty bombed that someone really closed to me would say hurtful things about me when she thought she has hung up the phone after leaving me a voicemail. She was talking to someone else and her words HURT. Today, after church, my daughter and I went to a store. She is picking up a dress for senior picture taking (fun) and it was taking a long time. So I went to the book section and got a book by John Hagee--Daily Truth, a daily devotional book. For today, he wrote that many times people atta

Forcing Myself to Express Gratitude

Hello. Hello. Here I am again this week. Back with a thankful post, I did not feel like writing. My oldest child (18) surprised me with an old car he bought a few days ago--a Dodge Stratus 2003, sedan, with a sportsy look. Never mind the paint that needs to be redone. That is just cosmetics. But the windshield has cracks in two spots. In addition, the front tires are bald, and the first time he introduced it to me, it did not even start. "Oh, I must have left a light on." Maybe. The car is operable again but I am still nervous. He was supposed to work today at 4 pm, I thought. At 3:45 pm, I got hold of him. He was about to drive from a park to home. He said he'd go home to change his shoes before work. Half an hour later, I could not concentrate. My head is hurting and I was almost certain he got into some kind of trouble. He came home for a couple minutes. He seemed OK . He works at 4:30 pm, he said. I wished he would have told me earlier. Communication. W

Amazon Fresh Review

Join us in ABC Wednesday in its new home. The letter of the week from ABC Wednesday is the letter A . For the lack of ideas, I am writing about the new (to me) grocery delivery service through   A mazon called A mazon Fresh . I promise I am not getting paid by A mazon for writing this post. How timely is that that I have just received my first grocery today with A mazon Fresh. What did I order? See the picture below including five grocery items not included. Here is a review based on my first try with Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery by Amazon in Denver, Colorado. Pros: One a dvantage of using the service is the convenience. I ordered online without having to walk the isles of the store and standing in line waiting for the cashier. The groceries are delivered right to my front door--kinda like the Uber or Lyft for my groceries. This service can a ttract home-bound a dults, busy folks, or some people with transportation issues, like, maybe college students who

Nurse Carlos and Mrs. P

I am joining Six Sentence Stories for the first time. The prompt word is skip . I just realize it is more challenging to write a story in only six sentences. For my son, who would type 1.5 pages out of required 2 for a high school assignment, this would have been a breeze. :) Anyway, I am writing another story of a fictional character, Carlos, RN. My first one is here .  With similarities to my experience with patients, this stories will give you a glimpse of what a shift in intensive care unit looks like. It is gross a lot of times, and not for the squeamish. I apologize. It is another day. I am once again assigned to Mrs. P who had bleeding on two areas in her esophagus. The areas where embolized yesterday, and she has been stable ever since. She did not throw up any more blood. There is no need to keep her intubated. We were about to extubate her (remove breathing tube and take off ventilator support)  when bright red blood started coming out of her mouth like water from

The Great Outdoors

What am I thankful for? There are many as before As I head out my door I had a chance to explore I hiked with my nurse friends It was a great time to spend Just talking and walking I did not want it to end Oh, and last fourth of July I hung out with my guy We just looked up in the sky Watching a show of fireworks up high And then my last day in Cali That I spent with my family Walking by the beach merrily And dipping in the pool lazily

Nurse Carlos

festival together wore only poems  fruit walked favorite wine listened before shades  I am joining Sunday Whirligig today, using the some of the word prompts assigned. I am writing a short story inspired by my experience as a nurse. This is my first try. It's been slow in intensive care unit this week but not today. It is Thursday. I knew it even b efore hitting my floor as the employee parking lot is almost full. "Carlos, I am giving you this patient with GI bleed (gastrointestinal bleed). Immediately, I admitted Mrs. P from the emergency department (ED) to an ICU (intensive care unit) bed. Her blood count is normal but per her report, she started throwing up blood several times since she took 600 mg of Advil six times in a day four days ago for left arm pain. From the ED, she received liters of normal saline through her intervenous access (IV) and the first blood just got started. The GI lab nurse called me. "Can we come up at


Meet my hiking partner, Velvet, in this z estful open space. The letter of the week from ABC Wednesday is the letter Z . I choose the word zippy. I belong to a Facebook group on body transformation where each member defines his or own transformation. Whether the goal is to lose weight, shape your body, add bulk, etc, we all want to work on our goals with eating and exercise. We talk about, among other things, what gives us energy or motivation to exercise and go to the gym. What makes me zippy and energetic? I tell them my secrets of having the energy to exercise or workout. A breakfast with 20 or more grams of protein makes a difference. It gives me this satisfied feeling and not feel hungry for hours. When I go to the gym, I do not think about hunger or food because I am not hungry. How do I get 20+ grams of protein? I cheat by adding protein powder to my green smoothie. I eat yogurt or eggs or ham in the morning. I drink lots of water . By the time I hit the doo

Family Time in California

We flew to and drive through California to visit my teens' relatives from both sides. We met at like the In N' Out burger with its fresh burger and fries. It is a joint we don't have in Colorado and one that my young nephews and niece like. I also saw my cousin who just arrived from the Philippines with her new husband. For my hyperactive son, we went to John's arcade with all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, and dessert. He spent a good two hours playing football and basketball there. He had a great upper body workout for two hours. My sister and I hit the food bar of course. I also went for a virtual ride with my daughter a couple of times with its moving seat and fan going and played bowling with one of my nephews. I get to pick calamansi fruits in my sister's backyard in Bakersfield. It is a citrus fruit sweeter than lemon that is common in the Philippines. I also enjoyed the early morning walk with her in their quiet neighborhood. There was nobody walkin

A Welcoming Happy June

Hey, hey, hey. It is still June and I am posting my second list of gratitude post of the month. I do better this month already than the previous, I think. I cannot fail to mention Father's Day . I special mention, Paul, who's been a great father: a tennis dad to a varsity teen who won doubles for the state of Colorado, a basketball dad to his son playing varsity this summer for his school, a math tutor, a life skills coach, and the sole financial provider to two lucky kids. Look at him enjoying his Margarita on his night. I thought he would order something hard but with just a lady's drink he had a smile from ear to ear. I thank the thoughtful people who brought cupcakes and cookies in the nurse's lounge one day. I don't even know who brought them. Sometimes, I'd see a card or a sign who the treats are from. But on days we are so busy on the floor to take a coffee break, my hungry tummy, sure, is glad to find quick snacks I can stuff in my su

Growing Teens This Spring

A month has passed, and I have not posted anything! Did you miss me? LOL. I am alive and doing great. Here are my gratitude list and the reasons why I am occupied. My first born just graduated from high school. Two years ago, I did not even imagine this is possible as he was skipping days and sometimes months of school. He turned around and took extra credits to graduate on time on top of working full time as a new young manager at a pizza chain. He requested to eat at Red Lobster. Where we are, I was not too impressed with their lobster and shrimp, but this night, it was awesome . The seafood including mussels was fresh, we had a blast for his graduation dinner. He even apologized that the meals were expensive. I was like, where did this teen come from? It was his graduation night. My house got hit hard by golfball-sized hail last month. It is not to be thankful for. My siding and roof are damaged, but I just got my first check from my insurance yesterday to pay my co

Save a Heart

Another week has passed and it's another opportunity to look back on how lucky I am to receive many blessings. My MyIntent bracelets came, finally. My daughter has Lil Soldier etched in her pendant to remind her to be strong. I have to bracelets. One says, Help Them, and the other, Be the Example. I use these reminders for work and family. With my teens, it gets tiring to say do this do that. At times, I feel, they purposely do the opposite. So I push myself to be the example. I hope it works, soon! A family member of a patient brought us, staff, a fruit bouquet . It is as delicious as it looks. This bouquet I don't buy for myself. It is expensive. The best parts are the chocolate covered ones. Guess what I had? I bought a Hurricane electric scrubber . The ad lied saying, "Does the hard work for you." I powered it and it did not do the chores by itself. :) I still have to put some work in. I must admit it makes scrubbing the floor and tiles easier. It

P is for a Parent's Prayer

My gratitude for prayer is so great, My family is good that I have faith The years are gone when my teens were astray Praise , the Lord my God, He wiped my tears away His grace is great, now I have other things in mind (Not just wishing) that is all I do, While waiting for the moment To reach the dreams that I can do I have always like to learn more, either through reading or taking classes or lessons. My children's lives and activities got so hectic in the past that I did not have the sanity or the time. Things are better now for many months I actually can give time for myself. I even signed up for a gym membership and actually go every day. I plan to read more books. Maybe, I can devote some time studying for work. 

April Thankfuls

My love for my family is so great, My heart melts for them as we ate I worry when my teens are away Wondering if they've gone astray Togetherness for me feels so great, I do hope my children see Although eating is what seems all we do I wait for these moments, I sure do *** We had a good Easter . We went to church . Even my son went, my 18-year old. Then we had a potluck with my Filipino-American group. My teens helped hide or scatter the Easter eggs for the little ones. They were so fun to watch. *** My daughter made some Easter fruit bouquet. They are as delicious and refreshing as they look. She also made cookies for our neighbors who are relocating, nicely foil wrapped disguised as fish. She baked and paid for the cookies. How sweet she is. *** At work, I found time to pray and meditate a bit when I left the unit early (as we were overstaffed). I volunteered to leave because it was "4/20" in Denver. That is when marijuana fanatics have big partie

It's Almost Easter

Six years ago, my Facebook showed My children posed with their beaks exposed We were at the park on a sunny day Back then like the parks and play That was years ago It is different now  They seldom go with me somehow  I'm getting old but I still should move Not to play in the park but to the gym, I could . . . Alone I go, as my teens are slow Not slow in general, but in the morning? Oh no, They can't get up as their limbs are tied To the bed, they are, but not at night I miss my kids when they were young Back then they followed, danced with me, and sung How I cope is just to remember the old And walk with a book with encouraging words I borrowed this book Operation Happiness It is full of tips, just sweetness no nastiness I do this as I can't watch or read the news Without reading something that gives a boost Last weekend we went to an auto show I didn't buy anything as I've got  no dough But for fun, we pos

Nurturing My Teens

What have I done lately? Not blogging much, I admit. I did spend some time talking to my children. Nurturing them is not always an easy task, but I tried to show my love and support in small ways.

It's Better to Kiss

I admit I have been postponing to write about a K -word because the word that keeps popping out of my head is the word kill , LOL. I wonder why? Kill is such a strong word and so negative. I've got to write something positive, right?

Picture This x 10

The week is not complete without good food and the company of my loved ones. So this week's gratitude is full of time with my children, my pets, and my soul mate Paul.


A little depressed, nothing to do I turned to my side to the radio at the bedside I picked a station That gives me j oy  The one that plays J azz and   j ingles that I enjoy Soon, I'm not upset I am not even mad Instead, I'm glad  and j umping  Happy, j ust like that (or at least, I got up from the bed)

Colors and Peacocks

There is beauty around us It may be for fee or for free Regardless, it is there To enjoy, for you and me

Imperfect Life

My life is not perfect. Whose life is? So instead of getting stuck on the negative, I focus on my wins. Gratitude makes me feel good. ***


Yesterday was a usual busy weekday in our unit. I work in adult I ntensive Care Unit ( ICU ) as a nurse. I was going through my day, almost-without-intention or effort pacing in the halls from one end to another. I was logging 8 to 10,000 steps a day in my Fitbit. Well, that is not all I do, of course.  I help other nurses and patients grabbing things, getting supplies, pulling meds for others, until my first my patient arrives from surgery.

I Can See You All

What is it about small dogs and their feeling of superiority? Here's my 14-year old miniature poodle, Snowball. He tries to rule my other 2 dogs, Border Collie and a mixed Pitbull.  They looked down on him, though,  after he gets off the couch, like saying, "really?" They're all really funny to watch.

Birthday on the Cheap

Paul is my boyfriend for almost seven years now. We are both mature and raising teens separately from a previous marriage. We are in no hurry to tie the knots. Some time we will get there before we move to our retirement home :). Anyway, we have grown very relaxed with each other, and we laugh a lot together. It revolves around (mostly) how cheap he is. Of course, I like to exaggerate but that's what jokers do.  Here's what my cheap boyfriend did this week. M y boyfriend is so cheap, he took me out for a birthday lunch in a Japanese restaurant (not cheap, but . .  ). Then, instead, of ordering me dessert there, he took me to an ice cream shop next door.  "it is cheaper there," he says.  N ot only that but instead of taking me for a nice walk in the park while licking our ice cream, he asked to walk just outside in the parking lot. He did not want to waste gas on a drive to the park.  W e also stirred away from the stores especially the Jewelry store

Birthday Week

Oh my, I turned 46 this week. There are many things I am thankful for, and here's a few. A birthday week is not complete without a cake, even if I had to buy it for myself, LOL. I received many gifts I did not ask for so I cannot complain. I am thankful for easy ready-made delicious Oreo ice cream cake I bought last night to share with my dear daughter after a busy day from work in the hospital.

Happy Birthday Treats

It's my birthday today. I know, it is not a Wednesday, but I worked yesterday in exchange to today's whole day off. Aside from I-am-still-sick-with-a-cold, and I need a break from wearing a mask, I deserve a day off on my day. That is why I am late posting in ABC Wednesday.