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P to U, Thank You

P is for Paul , celebrating my birthday with me. Q is for a quilt-looking sea turtle large beach towel my sister sent me as a birthday gift. I love it. It will be perfect for Hawaii. R is for a relaxing day off with my grandson accessible via face time. He is playing with a filter here, a sparkly face mask? S is for my silly grandson. Here, he makes me laugh. T is for digital toys using the screen. If it's grandma on the other side of the screen, I think, we can allow more time. U is for just the two of us. My grandson is not too happy with the news that the new sibling will be a girl. I am trying to bank some just to two of us time, for in four months, we will be busy with a baby. V is for my forever valentine , birthday, and all holidays date who is also my foodie buddy.   W is for the wonderful cartoon filters that remove wrinkles automatically. :)

I Can See You All

miniature poodle, aww Mondays, dog on couch
What is it about small dogs and their feeling of superiority?
Here's my 14-year old miniature poodle, Snowball.
He tries to rule my other 2 dogs,
Border Collie and a mixed Pitbull. 

They looked down on him, though, 
after he gets off the couch, like saying, "really?"
They're all really funny to watch.


  1. I've noticed the same thing. It's an attitude that is most fun to watch.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday. ☺

  2. Too funny is what they all are!

  3. Aww, very cute photo! You're adorable! :)


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