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Happy Birthday Week

Sushi and Cake for Monday Day 1 of my birthday week Just for me It’s my happy birth week! Is there such a thing?  Oh yeah, I say, to you Nothing wrong with celebrating Celebrating my survival Despite the challenges of parenting Sometimes, I wonder Should I help, should I not? With their adulting, that is That may be quite a lot? They are able to work And weak, they are not They can earn like their mom Pay their bills (most of them) Not delay and what not Things like reminding them to get up To make it to work Not be tardy or miss  Their ride and miss work Or make sure to make College education a priority So, they don’t end up on the mercy To live on charity Or be a burden to me Or to our society

Fill-In Sunday

I believe I can deal with procrastination. I need to go "Marie Kondo" my desk to reduce distraction. It does not do good to lose my attention. (And do other things that just cost me tension). I find self-caring to be a walk in the park (Well, not really) But when I get started self-caring gives me this spark It opens my eyes, I can see in the dark I can fight my anxiety and put it in a halt!           It is a late morning for me getting up from a late evening from doing homework last night. I should say from the early morning because I went to bed past midnight. Part of me is thinking, "what am I doing?" I decided to go back to college to advance my degree. It has been a year now, and here I am still going. I am two subjects away from going up a level. Doing school work gets my mind off the stressful situations around me--family, work--which I love.            I made instant Pho and added ground meat. My friends would be shocked, as

February Reasons to be Merry

Ice cream cake, black rice pudding, Eggs Benedict from our favorite restaurant. Hello, hello, I'm glad I'm here My presence is back in the blogosphere I thought why not, it gives me cheer Writing good thoughts sets aside my fears As you see here, I post a lot about food It is one of the things that sure boost my mood I had ice cream cake shaped like a heart, you see Breakfast and lunch times with my sweetheart and me Pad Thai noodles, black rice pudding Eggs Benedict in front of the wall art Seafood curry, spicy soup while we look At salt-and-pepper-cow-so-cute  A valentine day with my special dude With flowers, rose plant, and, yes, more food Even sitting in the gym massage chair Made me feel, "Oh, so good." In a more serious note, I feel grateful for the grace we received For the safety from a hit and run accident My daughter's safe, we're relieved We are thankful that this morning the thief w

Busy Thankful Post

I am thankful for various things in my life but too busy to write much. Here's my picture collage for the week, however late. I miss you all.