February Reasons to be Merry

Ice cream cake, black rice pudding, Eggs Benedict from our favorite restaurant.

Hello, hello, I'm glad I'm here
My presence is back in the blogosphere
I thought why not, it gives me cheer
Writing good thoughts sets aside my fears

As you see here, I post a lot about food
It is one of the things that sure boost my mood
I had ice cream cake shaped like a heart, you see
Breakfast and lunch times with my sweetheart and me

Pad Thai noodles, black rice pudding
Eggs Benedict in front of the wall art
Seafood curry, spicy soup while we look
At salt-and-pepper-cow-so-cute 

A valentine day with my special dude
With flowers, rose plant, and, yes, more food

Even sitting in the gym massage chair
Made me feel, "Oh, so good."

In a more serious note, I feel grateful for the grace we received
For the safety from a hit and run accident
My daughter's safe, we're relieved

We are thankful that this morning the thief was caught
Breaking in my daughter's car right in the lot
In our neighborhood

I am thankful for yoga, therapy, and support 
For the gym on these cold days
And exercise there where it's not cold

I am thankful to be reminded to write a blog post
As I'd rather be writing my gratitude here
Highlighting the good and getting them exposed

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Lovely list! Glad you are in the blogosphere!

  2. Good to see you again! So, your daughter was involved in a hit-and-run and also a break-in?! I'm so glad she is OK! Love how you incorporated poetry into your TToT!

    1. Yes, it was a stressful 11.5 hours of her life--two car mishaps in a short period of time. She is okay, thank goodness.

  3. Hey! Good to 'see' you here at the TToT again.
    A very eventful (and gratuitous) post.

  4. It is nice to see you back at the TToT blog hop.
    I am going to see if the black rice pudding sounds interesting.
    Your TToT presentation with photos, food, and poetry are always a treat.
    So glad that your daughter is safe and that the thief has been caught.


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