Alphabetical Gratitude List 2

Hen, rooster, chicken
A beautiful rooster

To continue from my alphabetical gratitude list last week, here I am starting with the letter G. What am I thankful for? 

G is a gorgeous feral rooster wandering around the plaza. It looks like it is in good health too. It must be finding enough insects to eat while keeping the beautiful garden nice.

Grateful for beautiful nature like this beach
When I retire, will I go to heaven?

H is for heaven. I look outdoors and upon the clouds. I wish I could go to heaven when I retire from the earth. It must be so magical. I am thankful I can look forward to that. Well, we all leave sometime.

Kauai Beach Wyllie Beach
The Wyllie Beach

"I" is for the island of Kauai where I can go and truly enjoy the beauty of nature.

J is for the jokes I am thinking in my head. I like to tell jokes to my friends to make them laugh. The silence of getting away gives me time to cook up some jokes to use later. It makes me happy when my friends laugh.

K is for the keeper. My housekeeper was the first one who found my place with no power and the black box with keys to the house was suspiciously open! I am here and things are OK now. My housekeeper is truly a keeper. Get it? :)

Flowers in Hawaii

L is for light pink flowers that can be found on the beach. Aren't they pretty? They are free to look at and admire. They add to the beauty and color of the beach.

Toes and Feet Up
Me time at the beach

M is for me time. Just me, myself, and I with a good book, hat, sunscreen, and the sound of waves.

Smart Vacuum
I'm in love with this vacuum!

O is for an overdue shopping item on my wishlist that "the husband" finally bought. It was on sale! It vacuums the floor hands-free, empties itself, and plugs itself in to charge. And the sale price probably helped to not overpay for this item.

Looking outside the warm patio makes me grateful
Patio in Hawaii

P is for my old patio, small, old, and nice to look at.

I want to eat, eat, eat, apples and . . . papaya. 

P is for the papaya fruit-bearing tree. The fruits are sweet and delicious.

I have listed over 10. What are you thankful for that starts with P? Or Q? Or R? Please give me ideas for the next week. 

To read more gratitude posts like this, please join and visit Ten Things of Thankful. But "check your clock" if linking. The link closes in a few days.


  1. I'm enjoying your alphabetical listings. I'm sure you enjoy peace and quiet, quick responses when you need something, maybe you have a favorite radio station? There are lots of things, so i hope you keep going if you want to.

    1. Oh I like this ideas. Quiet is what I’ll use.

  2. Quiet, quail, rainbows? Looks like you are enjoying yourself! Have a good week!

  3. Quiet and rainbows. Excellent. Thank you.


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