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Time with Family and Friends

Indoor fun times with son and grandson + Hello. It is the month of July. I have not blogged for a while. I did have thought about writing many times. I did not get into sitting down and writing my thoughts and gratitude in this medium. I did have a few entries in my planner. I have many reasons to give thanks for especially to the friends and family around me. We are social human beings. Most of my gratitude links to family and friends—the time I spend with them and the time they lent to me. They are precious and cannot be bought by money. This includes a hike with daughter and our dogs — no money spent on shopping. OK, we did stop by Starbucks on the way home to pick up cold caffeinated drinks and some Puppy-ccino for free. They are whipped cream for the doggies in a cup. I have a new (and only) grandchild . He is three months old, so tiny, precious, and bubbly. He would give me his little smiles and make baby sounds that I think means, “hi grandma.” We with his parents w