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We're leaping and keeping This oh-good feeling In our reclaimed "home" With happiness, peace, and joy we own It is the end of February The month of love It's great to end the month With the people we love Here's my gratitude list, ten items, it consists: My daughter and his nephew dressing alike, so cute. Josiah crawling around exploring and getting stronger. A celebration night before Josiah's mom's birthday ends. One of the great Mexican restaurants was still open to serve us. We had a good carrot cake. Everybody liked it. A quote from Oprah I shared with my children. Josiah eating green peas. Such a good boy. An excellent beginning-of-the-year review from management and peers. A thank you card from the adult children of my patient. How sweet. As an intensive care nurse, we don't get this very often. A happy work anniversary card and a gift card from work. Gratitude from two men the night I decided

Prayers Answered

More pictures, more gratitude. I did not post last week, so I am doing a make up. I am thankful for more than ten things, I am sure. Here they are: Desserts in a local nursing convention along with valuable learnings I picked up from many speakers. I can use them at work to improve patient care. The breakfast and lunch were tasty as well. My grandson looks so cute with his dad here. They were taking selfies. A music-filled night watching a Beetles tribute concert on a Valentine's night with friends. Guess where the group are from? Las Vegas, lol. They fooled us talking with an English accent all along until the end when they announced they are Americans. :) They were pretty good singing the popular songs of Beetles, though. A Valentine's dinner before the concert in a new restaurant with all-you-can eat sushi. It is a new branch in our city called Sushi Katsu.  Free champagne in red glass. We finished it fast and Paul might be too drunk making

Flowers for February

It's my first post for the month. What comes to mind in February are red flowers . I did not get any flowers yet this month so I bought them for myself, as I do most of the time :). I love them, I get them. I am not fancy, either. Almost any flower would do. They brighten a room and my day. Even little Josiah perks up when he looks at them. My co-worker gave me an of-season scent candle --peppermint. I actually use peppermint scented oil whether it is the Christmas season or not. I love the sweet mint smell of it. I bought little Josiah a special pacifier to put fresh fruits in . He loves it. What a great invention. Here he is sucking a strawberry. Don't you want to put a kid on a penny a ride horsie in the grocery store? Little Josiah did not care so much about the Superbowl last weekend. I sure enjoyed watching him though. Here, Josiah entertained himself with an inflatable ball . He did not care so much about the other boy's 3rd birthday