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End of January Gratitude

I am just getting used to the year twenty twenty and then it is the end, of the month that is. January is over. By this day, Americans should have received their W2s from the (snail) mail if they did not opt-in for a digital copy online. Also by this day, I should have restarted budgeting with my laptop. I have a few hours left. Between budgeting and doing school work, I chose neither one. So here I am, writing my gratitude list. This is more fun. Perhaps after being inspired by my list, I will gain enough energy to eat the frogs. What am I thankful for this week. Let me list ten! Little Josiah tops the list. My 10-month old favorite grandson (I only have one) learned to use my exercise band. I didn't realize he was watching. He is my number one fan, well, he is the only one who likes my winter sweater. He is so easy to entertain. He just makes me smile whatever he does. He had his arms up with a book in one hand. I thought he would throw it away.  And then, he cal

Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What a Beautiful Week

Hello. It is a busy happy week. I have many things to be thankful for. Here are some: Free audiobook to listen to from Denver Public Library. This week I have The Grateful Life on my virtual shelf, accessible anywhere with my phone. A smile from seeing a book for kids, however odd. It is a book about butts. Speaking of butts, I fixed baby Josiah's constipation. He was screaming in pain as he could not pass the darn, you know? His mom was crying too as she handed him to me. My daughter (auntie), said, "Thank goodness, he has a nurse grandma!"  The after picture of Josiah, already smiling after "the incident." Baby prune juice and food to prevent future constipation. Church service online for the times I do not go. Today I virtually attended Alamo Church Community Church service in Texas. Date night with Paul trying a different restaurant. I had shrimp tacos with Baja sauce. Yum. This is a big one. I won a scholarship to a big nursing convention


It is cool outside but sunny. It's pretty much the same all week--nice enough to go out but too cold to spend a long time outdoors. I met up with a friend for a quick lunch at the mall. We walked around and looked at home stuff. She bought a block of knives for her new apartment with her husband. I did like a lot of stuff but decided not to buy any. It took a lot of will-power but I succeeded to control myself. I mean, I do not really need a set of cutting board with pictures of animals (cow, chicken, pig) telling me what kinds of cut each portion is, nor I do need a special cutter for loose leaf salads, a small, red, heart-shaped dutch oven, a Monday through Sunday printed mugs, etc. I mean, maybe I should not use a Monday mug if it is Saturday but early pre-coffee morning is not a time I can make intelligent decisions. They were all so cute though. My friend did recommend an Asian grocery store close to her area. She is not Asian but I am. How could I not have gone to this

Productivity Tips from the Master (Yet Successful) Procrastinator

I may be a procrastinator but I did accomplish a lot. This is my bragging moment. So please let me. This week, I went over my tools for sanity and productivity. So I decided to write my gratitude on the productivity and lifestyle apps I used to get by last year and this year, 2020. How about some productivity tips from your very own master of procrastination who accomplished a lot from my goals list last year? Here I go. • I am grateful (again) about my phone camera that is very accessible to take quick pictures. Snapping shots of happy moments are so much fun. I don't always have time to write, but a few seconds of taking pictures, I have time for. • I am grateful for my grandson , who makes me smile. I “put him to sleep” in my arms. But as soon as I put him to bed, he quickly removed the blanket, got up, and laughed at me. The little stinker! What can I say? Babies can be so much fun, especially that I can just borrow occasionally and not take full responsibility.

2020 Begins with Gratitude

What am I thankful for, this beginning of 2020? The little people around me. Look at my grandson about to throw his Happy New Year headband. I only have a second to snap this picture. Talk Therapy The last couple of weeks of 2019 was rough. I scheduled to talk to the therapist and it is finally here. Have you ever want to just spill your guts out but do not want to affect your loved ones in the process? The therapist has the perfect ears for that. Podcasts I have my favorites and here are some by Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, Dr. Michael Greger, and more. I shared this with a friend today who has some money issues. I especially recommend Dave Ramsey. Sometimes   Many times I need some scolding so I listen to his podcasts a lot. My Phone Camera It is really handy to take pictures of my grandson. Look at him eat as he sat on the used high chair I bought for cheap at Facebook Marketplace , and as they play with the used toys I bought or got for free from the s