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Busy Week

Better late than never. I had a super busy week. Very grateful.

No More Pain

It is not too easy to focus on gratitude but we are trying. We are grateful for the ten loving years our miniature poodle, Snowball gave us. His pain from a deadly attack of a loose Pitbull ended. He is now pain-free. We are grateful for animal control staff assistance. We are grateful for the pictures reminding us of many years of happiness with a loving dog who loved daily walks up to his last day. We are grateful that none of us humans were physically hurt. Switching gears, I am grateful for my grandchildren who plays with me outdoors, snow or sunshine. I am grateful for takeouts, and in a way, I help the restaurants still have a little business. I am grateful for reusable personal protective equipment at work to use in isolation rooms in the hospital. I am happy to report that over 180 COVID-19 patients were discharged out of my hospital since March. Some are even publicized in the news happy and back with their families.

Easter Sunday Home Celebration

Hello and Happy Easter. It was a busy work week. I worked my regular 4-9-hour days and mistakenly showed up to work another day that I was not on the schedule. Of course, they made me work anyway. It was not a bad week at all in the hospital. Here's my gratitude list. Easter goodies especially Peeps, my favorite! Luckily, they do not go into lock-down. No lines outside on early Sunday morning in the store, either. We tried yesterday and the lines were long, even in Whole Foods. Easter Elmo book because it's not all about sweets. A big enough easter egg for Easter egg hunting for little Josiah to find quick. The cold and the snow today. We had an excuse to stay indoors. It's not all about the COVID. People complying with the stay-at-home order and staying safe. No traffic on the road this morning. Good enough weather yesterday to walk outside and breathe fresh air.  Walking outdoors is still OK as long as we maintain distance from others 6 feet or more aw

Mask Here, Mask There, Mask Everywhere

Governor Polis advises Coloradans to wear cloth masks now when outside the home. It is not new to me, this donning on the mask thing, as I have been required to do it all the time at work. Our world is full of uncertainty. And I was busy at work and did not make time for daily journaling. I decided to post my gratitude today. At least I would do this. It is good for me. I feel grateful for the Governor for suggesting wearing the mask. To this day, many people still do not cover their cough with a tissue or something. At least with the mask, the coughers won't forget. Oh, and please make sure you cover your nose and mouth with that mask or scarf.  I made Josiah smile when he saw me with the mask on. It is hard to distance myself from him, so I just wear a mask. Some neighbors donated sandwiches to hospital staff taking care of COVID-19 patients. A Belgian Waffles business, Wafels and Dinges , donated boxes of yummy waffles as well. Two of my co-workers'