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It's Better to Kiss

I admit I have been postponing to write about a K -word because the word that keeps popping out of my head is the word kill , LOL. I wonder why? Kill is such a strong word and so negative. I've got to write something positive, right?

Picture This x 10

The week is not complete without good food and the company of my loved ones. So this week's gratitude is full of time with my children, my pets, and my soul mate Paul.


A little depressed, nothing to do I turned to my side to the radio at the bedside I picked a station That gives me j oy  The one that plays J azz and   j ingles that I enjoy Soon, I'm not upset I am not even mad Instead, I'm glad  and j umping  Happy, j ust like that (or at least, I got up from the bed)

Colors and Peacocks

There is beauty around us It may be for fee or for free Regardless, it is there To enjoy, for you and me

Imperfect Life

My life is not perfect. Whose life is? So instead of getting stuck on the negative, I focus on my wins. Gratitude makes me feel good. ***


Yesterday was a usual busy weekday in our unit. I work in adult I ntensive Care Unit ( ICU ) as a nurse. I was going through my day, almost-without-intention or effort pacing in the halls from one end to another. I was logging 8 to 10,000 steps a day in my Fitbit. Well, that is not all I do, of course.  I help other nurses and patients grabbing things, getting supplies, pulling meds for others, until my first my patient arrives from surgery.

I Can See You All

What is it about small dogs and their feeling of superiority? Here's my 14-year old miniature poodle, Snowball. He tries to rule my other 2 dogs, Border Collie and a mixed Pitbull.  They looked down on him, though,  after he gets off the couch, like saying, "really?" They're all really funny to watch.

Birthday on the Cheap

Paul is my boyfriend for almost seven years now. We are both mature and raising teens separately from a previous marriage. We are in no hurry to tie the knots. Some time we will get there before we move to our retirement home :). Anyway, we have grown very relaxed with each other, and we laugh a lot together. It revolves around (mostly) how cheap he is. Of course, I like to exaggerate but that's what jokers do.  Here's what my cheap boyfriend did this week. M y boyfriend is so cheap, he took me out for a birthday lunch in a Japanese restaurant (not cheap, but . .  ). Then, instead, of ordering me dessert there, he took me to an ice cream shop next door.  "it is cheaper there," he says.  N ot only that but instead of taking me for a nice walk in the park while licking our ice cream, he asked to walk just outside in the parking lot. He did not want to waste gas on a drive to the park.  W e also stirred away from the stores especially the Jewelry store

Birthday Week

Oh my, I turned 46 this week. There are many things I am thankful for, and here's a few. A birthday week is not complete without a cake, even if I had to buy it for myself, LOL. I received many gifts I did not ask for so I cannot complain. I am thankful for easy ready-made delicious Oreo ice cream cake I bought last night to share with my dear daughter after a busy day from work in the hospital.

Happy Birthday Treats

It's my birthday today. I know, it is not a Wednesday, but I worked yesterday in exchange to today's whole day off. Aside from I-am-still-sick-with-a-cold, and I need a break from wearing a mask, I deserve a day off on my day. That is why I am late posting in ABC Wednesday.