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Happy Place

We have quite a few nurses leaving the intensive care unit to relocate, change job positions, or work in neighboring hospitals for more money and/or a different environment. Many, I think, are searching for that happy place, like any other place except where they are currently. For now, my husband and I take some moments as able, to getaway. The anticipation, planning, actual vacationing, and memories of good experiences get us by. We are lucky enough to have the strength and resources to do this. Saving for it, doing tasks that are not always our favorite, and making sacrifices all help to make our happy place within reach (or one flight away). We visited Kauai. The beaches are clean with fish easy to watch and enjoy. The air is refreshing, the ambiance peaceful. Even the full moon is beautiful. The reflection on the water makes the area so bright. This tree from a garden is so unique. It looks almost unreal.  I am thankful for the good times we had.

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