A Grateful Update: Grandkids, Gardens, and Giggles!


Fake lily plants in a Japanese container pond

Fake, Fake, Japanese Container Pond

A Grateful Update: Grandkids, Gardens, and Giggles!

Hey there, fantastic TTOT team! It's time for another dose of gratitude and giggles from tmy simple life. Seriously, folks, my grandkids are like mini comedians on steroids, my garden is growing like weeds :)and my husband... well, let's just say he's still just so funny he does not have to say much.

1. Grandkids - The Little Geniuses of Giggles: I swear, my grandkids are on a mission to make every day of their lives I can manage to borrow seem like a laugh-a-thon. They have these ideas of acting or overacting and make the most mundane task of going to the carwash like a horror comedic movie. I couldn't be more grateful for the constant stream of belly laughs.

2. Garden Adventures - Weeds, Wisdom, and Wonder: Oh, the garden. It's like a wild kingdom where the plants have a secret society. My tomatoes are bearing fruits. Is the kind that is big and pretty, the heirloom kind. Tomorrow we can get 3 fewer tomatoes from the farmer's market because of our bountiful harvest this week. But in all seriousness, tending to my garden has taught me more about patience and persistence than any life coach ever could. It's a wild ride of ups and downs, and I'm taking every minute of it as a success (especially when I triumph over those pesky weeds)!

3. Husband's Hilarious Humor - The Husband Joke Extraordinaire: Ah, my dear husband. He's like a one-man comedy show that never ends. His jokes, eye-rolling, and Miley-Cirus-tongue-showing in pictures are funny from the day I forced him to watch Barbie with me to when he finally agreed to go.

5. Barbie Movie. It was funny.

6. The Maturing Youngs - Daughters, Sons, and Furry Friends: Our kids are growing up faster than weeds in my garden, and it's a beautiful thing to witness. The way they handle life's challenges with grace and humor is nothing short of awe-inspiring. They've turned into these incredible beings who are navigating the adult world while still finding time to send us hilarious pet videos. The two girls are successful in taking care of numerous houseplants. Not too long ago, they could not pick up a broom.

So, there you have it – a snapshot of the hilariously gratifying moments that make up our simple life.