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Not Grateful for Bad Furnace Services

         This kind of post does not usually belong to my gratitude site, but I owe it to my neighbors not be fooled by furnace service owner, Jon, from Champion Heating Cooling and Plumbing in Westminister, Colorado. Do not trust his 90-day no breakdown warranty.           Here it is.           Lousy service, unprofessional, fiery furnace service owner/sole serviceman for his business who refused to honor the 90-day warranty of his own work and could not handle customer questioning and complaint. Jon from Champion Heating Cooling and Plumbing LLC in Colorado charged me twice for the same service 87-days apart. This owner of Champion Heating and Plumbing and sole technician first came out to fix my furnace in November 2015 to address a no heat service call. He charged me for furnace inspection, no heat service call, and evap coil cleaning. He recommended monthly filter change with 20x25x1 filter. I trusted him being the pro and had been replacing with that size ever since. I did