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Not Grateful for Bad Furnace Services

 This kind of post does not usually belong to my gratitude site, but I owe it to my neighbors not be fooled by furnace service owner, Jon, from Champion Heating Cooling and Plumbing in Westminister, Colorado. Do not trust his 90-day no breakdown warranty.

          Here it is.

          Lousy service, unprofessional, fiery furnace service owner/sole serviceman for his business who refused to honor the 90-day warranty of his own work and could not handle customer questioning and complaint. Jon from Champion Heating Cooling and Plumbing LLC in Colorado charged me twice for the same service 87-days apart. This owner of Champion Heating and Plumbing and sole technician first came out to fix my furnace in November 2015 to address a no heat service call. He charged me for furnace inspection, no heat service call, and evap coil cleaning. He recommended monthly filter change with 20x25x1 filter. I trusted him being the pro and had been replacing with that size ever since. I did not like his attitude being arrogant at that time. But he did get my furnace working.

        In October 2018, the same problem arose, "system tipping on high limit." I called the furnace business with magnet ad attached to my furnace mistakenly thinking that was the business I used prior to 2015 because I did not want to use the same service as 2015. That was my fault. I later found out that he was the same person/serviceman. I was desperate with a cold house at that time, so I used his service. Again he serviced the furnace with a 15-minute service call and evac cleaning with a 90-day no breakdown guarantee. Surprisingly, 87 days later, my heater broke down. He refused to honor his own handwritten warranty on top of the printed warranty on the service order invoice. I insisted on the guarantee. He got upset, was shaking, and called me a Pitbull. This is witnessed by my boyfriend, and my boyfriend told him to leave.

        This angry Champion Heating Cooling Plumbing technician and the owner still charged me for the repeat (same) services. My furnace is still not working, and I had to hire somebody else, so I do not have to use portable heaters. I was nervous writing this review but other consumers have to be aware. The serviceman insisted my furnace still works. My house is cold without the use of portable heaters as the heat keeps turning off by itself before it reaches 71 degrees where I have the thermostat set at. Also, the size of the filter he told me to get is wrong. It fell down because it was too small so it was his fault that I had the wrong size. My furnace was running without a filter. And then he changed what he wrote on the invoice about the size 20x25x1. He now said I need to order a customized size of 22x25x1 that is not available premade. He again placed the wrong size in my filter too small which I paid for and taped it to place which he did not do before so it will not drop out of place.

      There is good news. My furnace is working now after hiring another technician from a company that has been around in my area since 1956. After three an a half hours of coil cleaning (again), the right size/grade filter and other work like turning the high-limit switch right side up (it was backward),  my house is 71-73 degrees warm again, not 59. I paid $100 less with no fake "discounts" compared to what Champion Heating charged me for two visits of 1 hour combined. I should have checked Better Business Bureau (BBB) first to check for furnace business standing, reviews, and complaints last October 2018. Both businesses are mentioned there. One good, one bad. Guess which is which?


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