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When Exercise Pays

Hello, hello fellow TToTers I haven't forgotten to be thankful It's just that the past month my schedule was full You see, I again went back to school To say, it's easy, that's just plain bull... I have many things on my gratitude list To share my joy, I can't resist My dog, Velvet had a tumor removed No cancer , cone removed She's much improved To make it fair, Snowball 's pic is here He's also cute, he made it clear He's on my exercise discs to say, "mom, dear" Stop exercising, stay off your gear I have to thank our spring challenge My family gained strength with exercise And with participation fees we earned funds for college Benefitting students with grades above-average Of course, after workouts I thank God For the food and energy He provides us And for the pe ople I get to invit e To share the grace with a company is a delight