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It's Fall 2020

I have so many reasons to be thankful I am now married to Paul Without a ball We pull A simple ceremony before the fall And this weekend we borrowed my grandson Who is now Paul's (also) grandson Little Josiah gladly welcomed Grandpa Paul without a question He was such a delight Easy to excite With kisses, rides, bubble bath, and chocolate But he got so active, we thought we had triplets After that, Paul and I have decided Milk chocolate drink? We should have skipped it Because little grandson (and grandparents)  Would be better without it Oh after the wedding, we had small get-togethers To celebrate after in good times and weather We entertained friends, we barbequed together And maintained a safe distance As our health truly matters My friends' son, so chatty  Bragging about his stuff He was showing me his airplane, scorpion, and other stuff Oh, I have to tell you I just got elected As president-elect in a nursing organization Where 11 years I invested Nursing service voluntee

Sunrise Amphitheater Elopement Wedding

 I am trying to load some pictures but they must be "heavy" and won't load. I got married a few days ago and I am beyond grateful finally tying the knot with my soulmate of ten years. We are living together now and are still finding new things about each other. I can watch this raw video over and over, with or without audio. I am sorry, it is quite long--28 minutes. No editing has been done yet. We did a wedding 2020 style, no visitors. Everybody is safe. No guilt.