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Christmas Celebrations 2019

I am still nursing a cold but managed to do three 12-hr shifts this week. Today is my day off and I feel like blah. Receiving bad news today did not help and I choose not to dwell on it at the moment. I felt so bad that I needed to look at the pictures on my phone that, hey, this week is not all bad. We had family times. You see?

December Evening Celebrations

After Work Hospital Unit Party December is usually a busy month when groups get together and celebrate outside of usual activities. This year, I skipped the holiday luncheon at work because I do not work that day (the 11th) and it was my son's birthday. We, in the intensive unit group, had a separate celebration on the 12th. It started before my shift was over, but I joined after work. I had one hour left of a 6pm to 9 pm all-you-can-eat-limited-choice drinks and appetizers as Paul and I arrived at around 8. With the time we had, we had 2 servings of alcohol, and a few bites of appetizer. I am thankful for days like this. It is great to just relax with co-workers outside the walls of the busy hospital in the intensive care unit. Daughter's 2oth birthday (In Nike army shirt) Saturday was my daughter's 20th birthday. She is my baby and looks young for her age, I think. She is still my sweet, fragile, sensitive little girl. We went to an arcade place but

Happy December

Christmas party of PNACO the whole family is welcome Ho,ho, ho Here we go With my favorite nursing group of P-N-A-C-O We're the volunteer group Here in Colorado Please join our clan Come on and follow I am thankful for this month It's been good so far I am grateful for my family Food, health, and my little star My little star is my grandson Who was the highlight of this party He was so well-behaved And was such a cutie He stayed behaved throughout the day And not at all fuzzy. He was our little Santa And he won the best-dressed too Among other children Of Santa's little crew My whole family also won The best-dressed for the day We're the "We love Santa" group We just don't have our sleigh Speaking of the sleigh I am glad my car is back After a long wait for a repair It's finally back on track I'm also thankful for the weather No more snowstorm for now The ro