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Happy Nurses Week, ICU Nurses

Amid the beeps and alarms of machines, You stand tall in all the scenes  A guardian angel for the ill and weak, Sick, frail, and patients who can't speak Your compassion knows no bounds, Your dedication, as you make rounds You give care to those unfortunates And soothe their pain with care and courage Though the daily shifts may seem long, And the days in a week ahead uncertain, Take heart, dear nurses, and stay strong, For many lives you lift some burden Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed, Your sacrifices are deeply appreciated, For you are the ones who keep us grounded And give us the strength to persevere, undaunted. So here's to the nurses in the ICU, Thank you all for work that you do, May you find more power and push through And know that we are grateful to you.

Christmas Celebrations 2019

I am still nursing a cold but managed to do three 12-hr shifts this week. Today is my day off and I feel like blah. Receiving bad news today did not help and I choose not to dwell on it at the moment. I felt so bad that I needed to look at the pictures on my phone that, hey, this week is not all bad. We had family times. You see?


  1. So sorry that you have received bad news, but glad that the TToT helped you remember the good times this week. May the New Year bring much happiness.

  2. Best wishes on feeling better soon! Sometimes doing little things, like looking at family pictures, can do wonders for lifting our spirits. I second Kristi's wish and hope the New Year brings you health and happiness.

  3. What a cute mermaid outfit! Lots of cuteness in these photos. I hope looking at them brought you some peace in spite of the bad news. May you get to feeling much better soon, Carin! Happy New Year!

  4. Fun pictures, especially that darling mermaid! I'm sorry you received bad news, and I hope the new year is better for you!


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