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Charity and The Garden of Gods

Garden of Gods is one on the natural resources gifted by a man for all to enjoy. Once owned by Perkins , he donated this slice of heaven to the C ity of C olorado Springs in a c ondition that it remains free for all to visit. Look at my daughter proud of her c limb and what a beauty this gift for all brings. The alphabet this week is the letter C. What words inspire you to write? Today, I am thinking of: Charity Climb Can Church Choosing Changes Choice Charity Miles Child Contribution This statement from c hurch sticks to my mind this week. God wants us to want what he wants. Is that like I want my teens to want what I want not simply do what I say without putting their heart into it? You betcha. I'd like them to do good for themselves, nourish, not harm--their brain, body, and soul. I'd like them to put focus in school and pick good friends. I'd like them to be, someday, self-sufficient, and be helpful members of the society. God wants us