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New Year, New Gratitude

They are not really new Just to be true They are common gratitude I had from last year My cute dog Velvet Is still here to give joy She does not have to do anything Like play tricks with her toy Just laying down comfy With toys that are fluffy As she's looking so comfy She is kinda funny I am thankful for Fitbit It inspires me, I admit it I may not push as hard to get fit If I am without it It's a constant reminder I have on my wrist I am thankful for my bike With a Kindle holder I can read as I pedal And stay in when it's colder I am thankful for candles I used with my prayers I found that they make The experience a little deeper There is something about flames That calms my brain It eases some pain And lesses some strain I am thankful for abundance of food Paul and I don't gamble But we splurge on food We like to sample It's a simple pleasure to try different dishes Japanese, Me