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New Year, New Gratitude

They are not really new
Just to be true
They are common gratitude
I had from last year

My cute dog Velvet
Is still here to give joy
She does not have to do anything
Like play tricks with her toy
Just laying down comfy
With toys that are fluffy
As she's looking so comfy
She is kinda funny

I am thankful for Fitbit
It inspires me, I admit it
I may not push as hard to get fit
If I am without it
It's a constant reminder
I have on my wrist

I am thankful for my bike
With a Kindle holder
I can read as I pedal
And stay in when it's colder

I am thankful for candles
I used with my prayers
I found that they make
The experience a little deeper
There is something about flames
That calms my brain
It eases some pain
And lesses some strain

I am thankful for abundance of food
Paul and I don't gamble
But we splurge on food
We like to sample
It's a simple pleasure to try different dishes
Japanese, Mexican, Chinese
Cooked and prepared by others
(No need to wash the dishes)

Oh there is something new I am thankful for
It's this cool eye pillow
I bought from FSA store
It relieves my eyes that are sore
And reduces puffiness
I use it sometimes
It feels good, also,  on my head


  1. A photo post in poetry form--very nice!

  2. I'm with Kristi, every TToT post is an excellent expression, but in poem-form? yow!

  3. I am with you 100 percent on the use of candles. Somehow they enhance my spiritual experience and make me feel peaceful.
    I also splurge on good food for us far more often that on any material good.

  4. Hi Carin. My sister Fitbit wearer. I don't gamble either and I think food is a splendid way of using funds for pleasure. Cooking is also my pleasure so enjoy the dishes at home. And by the way, I like the poem. (Hey that sort of rhymes).

  5. There is just something about a flame. Yes.

  6. Hello Carin!This was such a lovely poetic expression of gratitude for good things in your life, I smiled as I read it and looked at the photos in your collage to match them up!

    Velvet is so beautiful, and I agree, they bring us such contentment just by their companionship and affection. Right now I have five kitties all napping within a few feet of me... they make me want to take a nap too! :-)

    You are doing great work with your Fitbit and the exercise bike. The Kindle holder is a great way to distract yourself so that you don't get bored pedalling, and it's nice to stay in during the cold winter days there!

    Candle's do add something special to our prayer and meditation time, and these are beautiful! I think they remind us of the Light that is always with us and within us.

    We love good food too, and to try new things as well. We probably splurge more than we should on it, but we don't buy a lot of other things. We look forward to going out for special dinners like seafood!

    I love your eye pillow. We have one that can be kept cold and another that can be warmed, and then Papa Bear has one just for keeping the light out of his eyes so he can sleep a bit later on weekend mornings. My eyes are often weary by the end of day, and itchy from allergies, and a nice cool or warm eye pillow helps so much!

    I hope this is a really good week for you, and that work is going well. It's not an easy job and I am sure you are a comfort to your patients! Thank you for sharing with us at TToT! XO

  7. This was a lovely post to TToT.
    Though you share your poem before, I believe poems are written to be read numerous times. :-)

  8. Great list of thankfuls. Velvet is adorable.

  9. Thank you all for taking the time to visit! I like writing this short poems and collaging my recent pictures.


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