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Christmas Celebrations 2019

I am still nursing a cold but managed to do three 12-hr shifts this week. Today is my day off and I feel like blah. Receiving bad news today did not help and I choose not to dwell on it at the moment. I felt so bad that I needed to look at the pictures on my phone that, hey, this week is not all bad. We had family times. You see?

December Evening Celebrations

After Work Hospital Unit Party December is usually a busy month when groups get together and celebrate outside of usual activities. This year, I skipped the holiday luncheon at work because I do not work that day (the 11th) and it was my son's birthday. We, in the intensive unit group, had a separate celebration on the 12th. It started before my shift was over, but I joined after work. I had one hour left of a 6pm to 9 pm all-you-can-eat-limited-choice drinks and appetizers as Paul and I arrived at around 8. With the time we had, we had 2 servings of alcohol, and a few bites of appetizer. I am thankful for days like this. It is great to just relax with co-workers outside the walls of the busy hospital in the intensive care unit. Daughter's 2oth birthday (In Nike army shirt) Saturday was my daughter's 20th birthday. She is my baby and looks young for her age, I think. She is still my sweet, fragile, sensitive little girl. We went to an arcade place but

Happy December

Christmas party of PNACO the whole family is welcome Ho,ho, ho Here we go With my favorite nursing group of P-N-A-C-O We're the volunteer group Here in Colorado Please join our clan Come on and follow I am thankful for this month It's been good so far I am grateful for my family Food, health, and my little star My little star is my grandson Who was the highlight of this party He was so well-behaved And was such a cutie He stayed behaved throughout the day And not at all fuzzy. He was our little Santa And he won the best-dressed too Among other children Of Santa's little crew My whole family also won The best-dressed for the day We're the "We love Santa" group We just don't have our sleigh Speaking of the sleigh I am glad my car is back After a long wait for a repair It's finally back on track I'm also thankful for the weather No more snowstorm for now The ro

Kauai Vacation

Kauai vacation pictures outdoors Paul and I are lucky enough to go out of the mainland and visit Hawaii's Kauai island. We prepared for this trip with money-saving in mind (we cooked most meals and did not order drinks when we ate out). We also lost weight before leaving. Here is my gratitude list. Losing weight and getting fitter. We tolerated short moderate to difficult hikes to go to the smaller and more private beach to avoid the crowds.  Beautiful beaches we enjoyed for free. The beaches are all public in Hawaii. The beautiful, lush, and shady hikes to complement sunny days. Natural rocks to sit on to watch the waves and enjoy the cool breeze for hours. Jojo's shaved ice with macadamia ice cream on the bottom. We enjoyed the tropical breeze flavor almost daily! Hawaiian feast and show called Lua. That was fun to watch. The company of friends from Colorado. Of all places, we got to meet in Hawaii after many years. How odd but nice. They stopped over

Halloween Gratitude 2019

Halloween 2019  It is the month of November. Halloween just passed. Next comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then the New Year 2020. The year is almost over. I haven't finished my goals this year yet. I still have time. But I should not procrastinate. Anyway, just as important, I have many blessings to fall back on this fall. Here is my list of gratitude. A moment to enjoy my grandson's Scooby-Doo picture. Isn't he the cutest Scooby-Doo baby this year? All that I asked agrees with me! Just eight years ago, my son, now a father, still dressed for Halloween. You can't see it here but he was a wounded skateboarder. (He had left his costume at a friend's house an hour away. . . ) How can he have a kid already? He is only (still) a/my kid! Snowball was younger then. He is still cute now but he is missing a lot of teeth and his tongue always hangs on the left side. I love old pictures. My daughter dressed up for Halloween this year still. She is 19 and still g

September Morning

My not-so hectic week in pictures It is the month of September. It is getting cooler. We have two months left in the year when the weather is still tame and every morning is still good for a nice stroll in the park. I have some things to be thankful for. I will try to list ten. Sweet cookies from the Donation Alliance for the nurses. A cute pose by Velvet in the morning. Isn't she cute, up-side-down or right-side-up? Twin Lakes Open Space walking trails. This trail has lots of shades! Paul walking with me. We are still shedding some unwanted pounds. Healthy food to help us lose weight. Paul does it with reducing fat intake mostly and walking alone. An exercise coach to motivate me to do my home workouts. Paul and I are hoping to shrink one size smaller to look good in swimsuits for a future trip to . . .  My daughter and I doing well so far in college.  Installment plans to pay for college. Sprouts grocery store for refunding me my money for a bad service one

Grateful for August 2019

August 2019 comes to a close. Just looking at this past week makes me feel lucky. It is a good month with some simple reasons to be thankful.  A nurse wine glass from Paul he got from the wine tasting event. He got some wine too but the glass is especially cute. Why doesn't the nurse have eyes, I do not know. Free cactus vegetarian tacos from the employee recognition day with melon juice. I especially like the juice. It refreshed my dry mouth on a busy day in the hospital. A smile from my grandson quenches my thirst as well in a different way. Many times at work, in the intensive care unit, I feel stressed, depressed, and helpless dealing with critical patients. My grandson, however little, cures all the negative feelings.  Nature hikes this weekend feeds my soul while I get my work out. It is nice to see the great outdoors in Colorado. Flowers brighten my day. The red ones are from the Farmer's market Paul got me today. The others are from the hike at Pella C

Fresh Dahlia

Hello. Another week, another time to recognize my blessings. My family went to our regular schedule this past week. It is back to college for my daughter and me. We have no vacations planned so far. Life is smooth and we plan to keep it that way. Smooth is fine and we feel grateful. Here's my list. A $1 dahlia from the farmer's market because even a single stem puts a smile on my face. The farmer's market on good weather to get local veggies from. A table for studying as I am back to school again to get my master's in nursing. Leftover flowers from the week prior and carrot leaves (LOL) to make a bouquet with my dahlia. Coffee candle to keep me awake while studying. My last lipid panel result. I got my total cholesterol and LDL within healthy limits finally. Losing five pounds and keeping it off. Thanks to the Noom app to help change my mindset about food. The slimming coffee my sister gave me. Between Noom and that, I lost weight without struggle

Thankful for the Great Outdoors

The Main Reservoir walk in Colorado The Rooney Trail before the bikers and runners came I feel proud of myself for making time to post in a few weeks streak. It just means one thing. I focus on gratitude for weeks now. What a great feeling. This week, I am thankful for: The beautiful mountain views in my city, just over ten minutes drive. 60-degree mornings, so the hike felt very refreshing. The energy to rise early and avoid the crowd. My dog joining me in the otherwise solitary walk. The effect of going outdoors has on me--wonderful happy feeling. Calories used for exercising.  Days off to enjoy life outside work. Coffee to keep me going on my workdays in the hospital. My son adulting. He paid for his two old tickets! Apps to motivate me and lose a few pounds. 

Summer Outdoors

Beak Creek Nature park While visiting the beaches in California, my former state before Colorado some 20 years ago, I realized how I took for granted the beauty of the large body of water when I was living there. How could I not appreciate the beautiful waves and sunset kissing the water when I was minutes away from it? How could I not walk the warm sand at least weekly, the same way I enjoyed it now massaging my feet as I walked? Now I can only do it rarely unless I fly to the west (or east) coast weekly.  Last June while in Florida, and had a few days by the beach, I did not think about it. I used to live close to the beach, in California, that 's where I stayed for over ten years. Anyway, now that I am back to beautiful Colorado, I told myself not to take for granted the beautiful weather, mountains, and lakes we have here. We have numerous parks to visit, some only a few minutes away.  Here, my nursing volunteer friends and family visited Colorado Springs. It is

Summer Gratitude 2019

Hello from the hot summer in Colorado. I just got back from a vacation with my family. I attached my recent pictures down to my graduation. I finally finished my bachelor's in nursing. I had an associate degree for many years but not I can officially say I am a bit smarter. :) Look at me hanging out with the stars in Los Angeles, California, the wax museum, that is. A visit to California is not complete without the scene of the Pacific Beach. Here we are in San Diego with the water warm enough, we could actually go wading comfortably. Paul and I are back in Colorado shopping at the farmer's market.  The other pictures are with my family in California for a mini-reunion.  I can't help but notice that sign on the white truck in La Jolla, "People are important." Yes, indeed, no matter what race or color, I should add.   More beach pictures. Can you spot the seals and sea lions? And look at how we positioned ourselves in the picture

Time with Family and Friends

Indoor fun times with son and grandson + Hello. It is the month of July. I have not blogged for a while. I did have thought about writing many times. I did not get into sitting down and writing my thoughts and gratitude in this medium. I did have a few entries in my planner. I have many reasons to give thanks for especially to the friends and family around me. We are social human beings. Most of my gratitude links to family and friends—the time I spend with them and the time they lent to me. They are precious and cannot be bought by money. This includes a hike with daughter and our dogs — no money spent on shopping. OK, we did stop by Starbucks on the way home to pick up cold caffeinated drinks and some Puppy-ccino for free. They are whipped cream for the doggies in a cup. I have a new (and only) grandchild . He is three months old, so tiny, precious, and bubbly. He would give me his little smiles and make baby sounds that I think means, “hi grandma.” We with his parents w

Thankful Saturday

The blizzard last Wednesday might not have caused an accumulation of a lot of snow.  It was scary, nonetheless. The wind knocked down electrical lines that led to power outage in several neighborhoods including mine. We did not have power from 11 am till 3 am the next day. Our house was getting cold. We did not have hot water. We could not heat our food or cook. I am glad the power is restored and the storm is over. I am also glad I was off from work that day and did not have to drive. I am doing my Miracle Morning routine again to energize me in the morning. The list of SAVERS (Silent meditation/prayer, Affirmation, Vision, Exercise, Reading (motivating books), and Scribing/journaling) changes my mood and feelings from grumpy and tired to cheerful and energized. No longer did I look like the tired old lady who does not have the energy to drink coffee in the morning. I just donated blood today. I am just grateful I can do this. I am thankful for payday so I

Time Together

          Do you have those moments when you just don't feel like getting out of bed? I had that day today. I kept thinking I should get up and start my day since 7 a.m. but just could not imagine that energy until 10. I was in bed for ten hours. My body felt heavy. My muscles were not sore or achy.            I got up, ate brunch and looked at social media for a long time. This is a lazy habit that kills time. It does not necessarily make me feel good but it is a habit that is hard to break. I ended watching the short videos and ads with a purchase of an e-book on my personality after answering a long questionnaire. I am a mediator, an introvert, an artist, a like-to-write, and a like-to-help kinda person. I bought it in hopes that I will learn how to improve based on my behavior. I am just so lazy lately that I disappoint mostly myself.           I had a good week, actually. Many little good things happen. Last Saturday was my birthday. The following weekdays, I go


Sometimes I take for granted some simple things Comes Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring The roof, the heat, the shelter I live in The security I got used too, all comforting Last night I awoke not from the smoke From a deep sleep, my slumber suddenly broke The fume, overwhelming, gave me an ache In my head, that is, I could not take I was nauseous too, as I went downstairs I saw my teen spray painting by the furnace It is winter night so it’s on too I caught her in time, we could have . . . whew The house could have blown up, but it did not We are alive, so I thank God We have a house, though not a lot We are all safe and that’s enough (And just in case you wonder . . . a “fine” scolding, my daughter got)

Birthday Delights

(I will keep this short as I have two long reports to write for school and it is already 5:30 pm on a Sunday). To write this post Is exciting at most Because here I disclose Blessings that arose It was my birthday yesterday And although I had a cold My discomfort was controlled And out of bed, I rolled To eat food that I like Sushi, ice cream delights To receive flowers full of life Are worth a snow day's drive What more, I got to go To the steam room Away from snow Look at me Sitting as if . . . I was meditating Does it show?

Happy Birthday Week

Sushi and Cake for Monday Day 1 of my birthday week Just for me It’s my happy birth week! Is there such a thing?  Oh yeah, I say, to you Nothing wrong with celebrating Celebrating my survival Despite the challenges of parenting Sometimes, I wonder Should I help, should I not? With their adulting, that is That may be quite a lot? They are able to work And weak, they are not They can earn like their mom Pay their bills (most of them) Not delay and what not Things like reminding them to get up To make it to work Not be tardy or miss  Their ride and miss work Or make sure to make College education a priority So, they don’t end up on the mercy To live on charity Or be a burden to me Or to our society