Sometimes I take for granted some simple things
Comes Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring
The roof, the heat, the shelter I live in
The security I got used too, all comforting

Last night I awoke not from the smoke
From a deep sleep, my slumber suddenly broke
The fume, overwhelming, gave me an ache
In my head, that is, I could not take

I was nauseous too, as I went downstairs
I saw my teen spray painting by the furnace
It is winter night so it’s on too
I caught her in time, we could have . . . whew

The house could have blown up, but it did not
We are alive, so I thank God
We have a house, though not a lot
We are all safe and that’s enough

(And just in case you wonder . . . a “fine” scolding, my daughter got)


  1. I sure am glad the painting by the furnace didn't cause a big problem. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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