Thankful Saturday

blizzard in Colorado, stuck at home
The blizzard last Wednesday might not have caused an accumulation of a lot of snow.  It was scary, nonetheless. The wind knocked down electrical lines that led to power outage in several neighborhoods including mine. We did not have power from 11 am till 3 am the next day. Our house was getting cold. We did not have hot water. We could not heat our food or cook. I am glad the power is restored and the storm is over. I am also glad I was off from work that day and did not have to drive.

I am doing my Miracle Morning routine again to energize me in the morning. The list of SAVERS (Silent meditation/prayer, Affirmation, Vision, Exercise, Reading (motivating books), and Scribing/journaling) changes my mood and feelings from grumpy and tired to cheerful and energized. No longer did I look like the tired old lady who does not have the energy to drink coffee in the morning.

Donate blood
I just donated blood today. I am just grateful I can do this.
payday, gym, carwash
I am thankful for payday so I have the budget for a gym membership. The gym is one of the few places my teen daughter and I go together (well besides the mall and food stores). I also have the money to get an automatic car wash. I do not have to touch the freezing cold water from my hose. I don't know about you, but a squeaky clean car gives me joy. 

That's all for now. Please visit our gratitude group below.
Ten Things of Thankful


  1. So glad your power was restored! That was a long time to be without electricity.

    Isn't it amazing how a routine can start the day off right?

    I've donated blood, and I've received blood. Certainly thankful for the ability to donate, and those who donated when I needed some!

    I also agree about automatic car washes. :-)

  2. Lots of lovelies! Thank You for giving blood! It's saved lives in my family. Like your pozzies!

  3. loss of electricity is definitely not a good time. we are subject to that rather frequently out here (souther New England) and although we have a wood stove (for heat), we are on well water (which totally requires electricity.
    have a good week.
    I completely agree about clean

  4. So glad you that storm is over! From what I read, it struck pretty fiercely there.
    It is great that you and your teen daughter enjoy going to the gym together.
    I used to wash our car myself, but those days are past. The automatic car wash is the way to go now.
    Miracle Morning sounds like a great start to one's day.

  5. That was a long power outage! Ours lasted three hours, and we thought this was long.
    Have a wonderful week full of power in every sense of the word ;-)


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