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Thankful Saturday

The blizzard last Wednesday might not have caused an accumulation of a lot of snow.  It was scary, nonetheless. The wind knocked down electrical lines that led to power outage in several neighborhoods including mine. We did not have power from 11 am till 3 am the next day. Our house was getting cold. We did not have hot water. We could not heat our food or cook. I am glad the power is restored and the storm is over. I am also glad I was off from work that day and did not have to drive. I am doing my Miracle Morning routine again to energize me in the morning. The list of SAVERS (Silent meditation/prayer, Affirmation, Vision, Exercise, Reading (motivating books), and Scribing/journaling) changes my mood and feelings from grumpy and tired to cheerful and energized. No longer did I look like the tired old lady who does not have the energy to drink coffee in the morning. I just donated blood today. I am just grateful I can do this. I am thankful for payday so I

Time Together

          Do you have those moments when you just don't feel like getting out of bed? I had that day today. I kept thinking I should get up and start my day since 7 a.m. but just could not imagine that energy until 10. I was in bed for ten hours. My body felt heavy. My muscles were not sore or achy.            I got up, ate brunch and looked at social media for a long time. This is a lazy habit that kills time. It does not necessarily make me feel good but it is a habit that is hard to break. I ended watching the short videos and ads with a purchase of an e-book on my personality after answering a long questionnaire. I am a mediator, an introvert, an artist, a like-to-write, and a like-to-help kinda person. I bought it in hopes that I will learn how to improve based on my behavior. I am just so lazy lately that I disappoint mostly myself.           I had a good week, actually. Many little good things happen. Last Saturday was my birthday. The following weekdays, I go


Sometimes I take for granted some simple things Comes Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring The roof, the heat, the shelter I live in The security I got used too, all comforting Last night I awoke not from the smoke From a deep sleep, my slumber suddenly broke The fume, overwhelming, gave me an ache In my head, that is, I could not take I was nauseous too, as I went downstairs I saw my teen spray painting by the furnace It is winter night so it’s on too I caught her in time, we could have . . . whew The house could have blown up, but it did not We are alive, so I thank God We have a house, though not a lot We are all safe and that’s enough (And just in case you wonder . . . a “fine” scolding, my daughter got)

Birthday Delights

(I will keep this short as I have two long reports to write for school and it is already 5:30 pm on a Sunday). To write this post Is exciting at most Because here I disclose Blessings that arose It was my birthday yesterday And although I had a cold My discomfort was controlled And out of bed, I rolled To eat food that I like Sushi, ice cream delights To receive flowers full of life Are worth a snow day's drive What more, I got to go To the steam room Away from snow Look at me Sitting as if . . . I was meditating Does it show?