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Time Together

          Do you have those moments when you just don't feel like getting out of bed? I had that day today. I kept thinking I should get up and start my day since 7 a.m. but just could not imagine that energy until 10. I was in bed for ten hours. My body felt heavy. My muscles were not sore or achy. 

          I got up, ate brunch and looked at social media for a long time. This is a lazy habit that kills time. It does not necessarily make me feel good but it is a habit that is hard to break. I ended watching the short videos and ads with a purchase of an e-book on my personality after answering a long questionnaire. I am a mediator, an introvert, an artist, a like-to-write, and a like-to-help kinda person. I bought it in hopes that I will learn how to improve based on my behavior. I am just so lazy lately that I disappoint mostly myself.

          I had a good week, actually. Many little good things happen. Last Saturday was my birthday. The following weekdays, I got to celebrate with my son with a lunch date and had a gym time with my daughter. With them being young adults, it is not easy to find a common schedule to do little things together. They also do not enjoy picture-taking when it is me taking their picture. But with selfies, they don't have a problem. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the time with them. The gym we frequent gave me free bottled water for my late birthday gift. What a surprise. 

          I do have apps on my phone, inspiring Podcasts to listen to, and that book that I purchased for self-improvement. FlyLady sometimes inspires me to be like a fairy, flying around the house making cleaning magic. Many days, I wish I can just buy the fairy to do the tasks for me. Why do I have to be the fairy? Or can I just buy the wand? I know, I should not be complaining. At least I have a house to clean. This reminds me of the incident last Wednesday night. when a toxic fume, headache, and nausea woke me up at 11 pm. I found my daughter spray painting the furnace room wall on a winter night! I screamed and she stopped immediately. We then aired out our house with fans and opened windows on a 20-degree winter night. We are lucky our house did not explode before I woke up. 

          Anyway, should I be thankful we have intact bodies, a house, heat, and each other? I think I should be.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. "Why do I have to be the fairy?" I think we can all relate to that question. Hang in there. Energy ebbs and flows; some weeks gratitude comes easier than others. As for social media, I have occasionally taken a break from my devices. It is hard the first day or two, then it is very freeing. Maybe a social media "fast" would help you? In any case, hope you feel better soon! :-)

  2. It is so much easier to clean another house instead of our own. After all, if we clean for someone else, we leave and the job is done. In our own house, the job is never done because it will just have to be done over tomorrow, and that makes it hard to want to do it at all.

    Sometimes it helps to pretend that i am working on someone else's house!

  3. lol wait! let me check the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules).... yep, sure enough intact bodies, house and heat.... right there on the list in the Chapter on 'Legitimate If Not Common Items for a Gratitude List'.
    (also on the list: parachutes deploying whenever skydiving and ropes staying in one contiguous piece until the mountain is climbed. lol)
    Good TToT

  4. Happy Birthday and happy fairying!!

  5. I love the idea of buying a fairy, or the wand, to do the housework. LOL
    Happy belated birthday!
    Normally I wouldn't think waking up to a headache would be a good thing, but how fortunate that you woke up when you did. You are still here to tell the story and to enjoy your life.

    1. I looked buy I could not find either one for sale. :)

  6. I remember the Fly Lady! She didn't change my life, but I do try to shine my sink whenever I think about it anyway.

  7. I took a long break from FlyLady and I am back just for some of the tasks.


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