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Do Without Complaining

Can we go for a walk now? I complain that my teens are messy in their rooms, that they don't help enough around the house . . . that . . . Wait, two years ago, they were not even in the house. They ran away many times, etc. I can clean up their rooms, do most of the tasks. The true peace in my heart is knowing where they are, hearing their voices, watching them eat, hearing their stories. . . I am not going to allow complaints to invade my day. I close the door on it. There is no room for it in my heart. Today, I will go to work thinking about what I can do to help my patients and their families. I will listen to their complaints with an open mind and help them. It's gonna be a cold day. But for now, I have to tend to my dogs before I leave the house. They are watching me now craving for attention. Philippians 2:14 "Do all things without complaining and disputing."

October Gratitude

Hello, hello. I have not posted anything or read my blog for three months. I just found out tonight than my paid domain has been deleted. *gasp* I am still here though, back with my old Blogspot name. However busy I had been, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking I have to post my gratitude. I owe it to you to share my good news. Life is not always bad. I don't want to write just when I have something to complain about. But forgive me, I have to get this one thing out of the way. I was pretty bombed that someone really closed to me would say hurtful things about me when she thought she has hung up the phone after leaving me a voicemail. She was talking to someone else and her words HURT. Today, after church, my daughter and I went to a store. She is picking up a dress for senior picture taking (fun) and it was taking a long time. So I went to the book section and got a book by John Hagee--Daily Truth, a daily devotional book. For today, he wrote that many times people atta