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The Green that Makes Me Grin

My contribution picture to OGIF orange group and Friday Greens. I think this qualifies for the orange or green group My dog snowball's picture, the mean one but cute He positioned himself under the giraffe this one day Like something for comfort or warmth, I can't say I was moody that morning but yet I had to smile Upon seeing him so cute I could not just deny If attention, he wanted, he got it alright As he helped me turn a dark day from gloomy to bright

Do Not Feed the Wildlife

The San Francisco Bay where water was greenish but we were glad to stay (for just two days in the area) Have an interesting sign to post? Join Signs, Signs, Signs .

Water and Tears

We flew to California and back. It was nice to see a real body of water, not just a man-made lake for a change. Today, I am participating with Wednesday Waters . She looks at the view with a hunch on her back Looking a the waves so calm and unpacked It was Sunday morning in Emeryville's bay It was nice to get out, feel the breeze on our way