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Wave a Wand

A cluttered house where clothes are not put away My house today is just like yesterday I think I will be organized someday Paul with a grin says, "That's what you say"

Sign, Sing, and a Birthday

Happy Birthday, Paul A greeting before eating It's Paul's birthday In form of singing  

V is for Velvet

The time she refused to go and walk outside with me Velvet does not appreciate fake fur V is for Velvet My pet, my beloved With me she likes to cuddle In bed and play dead

Warmth in the Cold

Not much snow did we get recently But we enjoyed the time just equally I do not ski, so needlessly I don't miss the snow, I'm tropical you see :)

The Girls and the Gardens

The blooms along the walk I took the girls to the gardens, the girls, I mean my daughter and her friend. I offered and they agreed to come along with me and dog, Velvet. It is nice for them to come even though where we were going is a little away from the towers where we could get a good connection. Their phones did not work well to Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. But they worked as well to play stored music and to take images of the nature and tons of selfies. 

Yellow Flowers

These yellow flowers belong to Kendrick garden. Its park is one of the 21 Parks I plan to visit in Lakewood as weather and time allow. They look like butterflies to me, so bright and pretty.

Good Week

A lollipop from my daughter she bought from her allowance debit card. It is her first purchase and she thought of me.

A Pot of Gold

This is a pot of gold outside the mall Where my daughter and I go Not to shop but to stroll

A Walk in the Park: Addenbrooke

Here's the first park of my list of 21 parks to visit with a restroom, just in case I need it. I got there and they have 3 portable toilets. The park is huge and clean. There was a softball game or practice just finishing up. There are some picnic areas too and a lake.

Week of Painting

I would post a picture of grand vacation but I don not have the money to go. What I have done are trips to the mall not to shop but to paint. Take a look at our work--simple and fun. My daughter enjoyed it too.

Simple Ways to Bank Happiness

Enjoying a time outside, even if it's just outside a new church. It's the letter H week. What an inspiration to write on happiness. I am working on building my reserves. Over the span of many years, I have been burdened with stress that made my happy bank empty. I compiled a list of things I do and will do to make me happy.

21 Lakewood Parks with Restrooms

Lakewood Park I like going to the park while taking my time walking with my dogs, and enjoying looking at whatever nature (or man-made beauty) has to offer. I am also getting old and in need of access to the restroom anywhere I go like every couple of hours or more often after a drink or coffee or tea). :)

Ceramic Painting

Podcast linked below. Please click below. Ceramic Painting

D is For Dogs

Colors made with Color Pop as watermarked Inspired by ABC Wednesday and The Art Challenge , I am posting about my dogs tonight. And in the interest of time, an easy and quick entry for the art challenge is using what I already have--the pictures from today and the other day with my dogs.

Book Character

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl Not just a character, but as a real person who portrayed the role of Anne Frank in real life, this girl left a permanent mark in my heart. 

Bigger Fish to Fry

The Bird and the Fish Hey, the link is still open! I am virtually running to submit my artwork here (if you can call it artwork) before the door closes. It is the third of the month and I am linking my first entry.

The Challenge For Charity

Charity for Children's Cause It's the third week of round 20 of ABC Wednesday. This week's letter is the letter C. A word that c omes to mind is the word  c hallenge , particularly the challenge to benefit a c ause or c harity for c hildren.

The Key to Go to Church

It's half past eight in the morning. I just got back from my walk. My daughter is still sleeping and her friend staying for a sleepover is in a deep sleep. She did not move even after the dogs showered her with kisses.

Overcoming Procrastination Project 1

I went outside and thought, "It's not so bad." There is beauty outside. I just have to choose the way there and capture the moment. I'm trying this free app on my phone,  Dragon dictation , for the first time for my post. The first sentence worked great so far. 

The Day My Name Changed

I was doing my usual walk with my dogs at the park one day when a man with his dog came close.

Thankful for the Written Words

Another Week, Another Reason to Be Thankful This week is like a treasure hunt. I had to look for reasons to be grateful. I found them in my family, outdoors, my home, my bookcase, and my . . . Iphone!  What do you know? *** I am still lucky I have many reasons to be thankful. Some people, some nations, some groups are less fortunate. Let us shower them with compassion. May the leaders and future leaders act with just and kindness to all.

Bookstore, Bible, Boring Week

These are the reading plans I plan to do. The Just1 B ible App The NABRE b ible is what I use. Hello, hello it's Thursday. I'm already a day late for ABC Wednesday.The letter for this week is the letter B . I choose to write about the B ible. I went to a B arnes and Noble B ookstore last week. I had an argument with my daughter and I decided to stop b y the b ookstore to get my mind off the issue. I'm not exactly a nerd, not really. B ut b ookstores are so amazing for me, I feel like a child in a toy store.  I could spend hours in there just checking what they have. One section I checked was the B ible section. I really like the Catholic B ible, specifically the New American B ible Revised Edition ( NABRE ). The wordings are in American English and it is so easy for me to understand. I thought of b uying one, b ut the cheap me decided not to. I already have a Catholic B ible Digest at home, the St. Joseph edition.

Promising Future

My Ten Things of Thankful It's a promising-future-week (1) Here’s my Velvet doing Child pose With our early morning yoga Look at her extend her paws She’s my cute partner in yoga

A is for Awesome

It's round 19 on ABC Wednesday This time a round I plan to join I hope to stick from A to Z Starting from A until last--Z

Smile to Me Son

A cunning little baby With face so cute and cuddly Then a toddler fast and shorty With soft cute legs but chubby

This Week's Gratitude

It's summer. It's hot. When I get a chance, I go to the cafeteria to eat and see some view. I like looking at other people eating outside. I don't know most of them. I was sitting quite far across hiding under the awning as it was sprinkling a little bit. It feels good on my skin being hit by some air, however warm.


My Niece and I in Red My niece and I both like the red As our outfit shows You might have guessed We also like See's candies too Who does not like them? I'm sure you do

Happy Fourth of July, Americans

Snowball is not too sure about this 4th of July hat. Wally will keep the 4th of July hat on if I hold it in place, the whole time.  Here are Snowball and Wally Posing with their non-favorite sparkly I can't get them to join the party Outside tonight with everybody

Silly Photos

Not funny, just silly These two folks over forty Call them corny or dorky It is me and my sweetie

June Wedding Thankfuls after Domain Hacking

(I'm the one in cream dress.) I am thankful for: The time I get to see my mother. The chance to see my cousin's wedding.

The Green that Makes Me Grin

My contribution picture to OGIF orange group and Friday Greens. I think this qualifies for the orange or green group My dog snowball's picture, the mean one but cute He positioned himself under the giraffe this one day Like something for comfort or warmth, I can't say I was moody that morning but yet I had to smile Upon seeing him so cute I could not just deny If attention, he wanted, he got it alright As he helped me turn a dark day from gloomy to bright

Do Not Feed the Wildlife

The San Francisco Bay where water was greenish but we were glad to stay (for just two days in the area) Have an interesting sign to post? Join Signs, Signs, Signs .

Water and Tears

We flew to California and back. It was nice to see a real body of water, not just a man-made lake for a change. Today, I am participating with Wednesday Waters . She looks at the view with a hunch on her back Looking a the waves so calm and unpacked It was Sunday morning in Emeryville's bay It was nice to get out, feel the breeze on our way