Yellow Flowers

These yellow flowers belong to Kendrick garden. Its park is one of the 21 Parks I plan to visit in Lakewood as weather and time allow. They look like butterflies to me, so bright and pretty.

I enjoy that day's walk. My first walk that day was in Carmody park. The park is big with numerous sports fields but not much scenery to look at to make it a satisfying walk for me. So, on the way back home, I stopped by Kendrick park with its garden in bloom, all drought tolerant plants. It made my walk-of-the day complete, and I hit my 10,000 steps goal for the day. I'd like to do this scenic walk a few times a week to meet my exercise and stress-relief needs. My only investment is time, effort, and gas—much cheaper than gym membership and therapist co-pay. And at the same time, my pooch, Velvet gets to go to the bathroom.

Have a bright and sunny/yellow day on this Labor day.