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When Exercise Pays

Hello, hello fellow TToTers I haven't forgotten to be thankful It's just that the past month my schedule was full You see, I again went back to school To say, it's easy, that's just plain bull... I have many things on my gratitude list To share my joy, I can't resist My dog, Velvet had a tumor removed No cancer , cone removed She's much improved To make it fair, Snowball 's pic is here He's also cute, he made it clear He's on my exercise discs to say, "mom, dear" Stop exercising, stay off your gear I have to thank our spring challenge My family gained strength with exercise And with participation fees we earned funds for college Benefitting students with grades above-average Of course, after workouts I thank God For the food and energy He provides us And for the pe ople I get to invit e To share the grace with a company is a delight

Birthday 47 Gratitude

It is my birthday and I am thankful for Some ten, not four Or maybe more Who's keeping score? Not me for sure But here I go I am thankful for: Gluten-free birthday cake from Whole Foods store A pill organizer my daughter is actually using Old picture of my son playing A convenient place for car washing An outdoor place for dog walking A fave restaurant for birthday feasting A selfie of me and daughter smiling The church that inspires me to keep praying A spring wellness challenge I'm participating A silly shirt my daughter thinks is annoying  (Sometimes parents should annoy their teens too!) I turned 47 yesterday. My week is not over celebrating Have a good weekend.

Please Save Me from "F"

It's February It's a great time to be Freely writing and word finding Fun words for you to see As often, the visual me Have to f ind some inspirations To add for considerations To help with my creation A f lower collage seems like a good f it With my daughter above  Donning our f uschia knits Below it is us sharing some food To  the right are some f lowers That help boost my mood And lastly, it's Snowball Our f urball who's small He may not be that tall But he sure can growl ------------------ F rom here I will stop And boldly, I ask If you're 65 and up Will you help me out? Please answer some questions F or around f our minutes I'll compensate you f or  your time (As you save me from getting an F) F or my college class online. Here's the link: Survey As of now, 2/14/2018, 5pm MST, I got enough participants. So thank you guys for reading. Join the fun ABC Wednesday group!

New Year, New Gratitude

They are not really new Just to be true They are common gratitude I had from last year My cute dog Velvet Is still here to give joy She does not have to do anything Like play tricks with her toy Just laying down comfy With toys that are fluffy As she's looking so comfy She is kinda funny I am thankful for Fitbit It inspires me, I admit it I may not push as hard to get fit If I am without it It's a constant reminder I have on my wrist I am thankful for my bike With a Kindle holder I can read as I pedal And stay in when it's colder I am thankful for candles I used with my prayers I found that they make The experience a little deeper There is something about flames That calms my brain It eases some pain And lesses some strain I am thankful for abundance of food Paul and I don't gamble But we splurge on food We like to sample It's a simple pleasure to try different dishes Japanese, Me