Warmth in the Cold

Tinikling Dance

Not much snow did we get recently But we enjoyed the time just equally I do not ski, so needlessly I don't miss the snow, I'm tropical you see :)
It was cold enough as I wore my long coat At night we went to give support To the Philippine-American nurses saying their oath It's a good beginning for the officers, I hope Aside from the good food and great company We watched the show and enjoyed the music One of the dance numbers is this Tinikling Performed by teens, they're entertaining Our stomach got warmed by wholesome food Our hearts are touched by the supporting crowd We paid to come here to help with fundraising In this nice hotel, our experience was pleasing

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  1. Tinkiling! Ha, the only Filipino dance I learned. Always feared getting caught with the sticks. lol

  2. Replies
    1. I never did. I was scared of getting my feet caught.

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to stay out of the cold and like you I am not keen on the cold at ALL


    1. Yup. I was born in the tropics and never got used to cold weather in the US


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