The Alphabetical Gratitude List

what to be thankful for, family
Little 3-year-old Grandson Napping

Here's my gratitude list for the week, inspired by Ten Things of Thankful.
  • A, he's adorable. My grandson looks so cute especially when sleeping, such an angel.
  • B, for big brother. Can you imagine he will be a big brother in July?

what to be thankful for, good food
Homemade Crustless Pizza
  • C, crustless cheesy pizza that "the husband" has been making as part of our "reduced carb" diet.
  • D, is for a doable diet, eating food we like with some tweaking.
what to be thankful for, green tea ice cream
  • E, for easy food I can make that is good for me too. This one is a green tea banana soft-serve ice cream.
what to be thankful for, watching TV at home
Watching Superbowl
  • F is for football. My husband and I had a good time watching the Superbowl last week. It was entertaining from beginning to end--game and all with no drama.

what to be thankful for, electricity
  • E is for electricity to keep our food good. (Thank goodness, our electricity is restored in our vacation home after the cleaner found our fridge with warm food. We found out, we lost power in the place for five days, yikes).
  • E is also for electric cars we have on the mainland. Our cars just run smoothly, and no more visits to gas stations every week.
what to be thankful for, free homemade bread
Bread for Fondue
  • F is for friends who bring food to work to share. This one is crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.
  • F is also for easy fondue in a box, which I dipped the bread in. The husband liked them both, and he is picky, that's saying a lot.

what to be thankful for, free donuts
Note for Donut
  • F is for more free food, doughnuts. This box came with a note. "Working in winter is tough . . . doughnuts are hot." :)
I have listed 11 things I am grateful for, exceeding by one. I will save some letters for the next weeks. Your turn. A . . . 


  1. A for always, as in always happy to read your thankful list, it makes me smile!

  2. B is for beautiful sleeping boy and c is for congratulations on the expected new baby!

  3. D is for Darn good post. Love the idea of an alphabet gratitude list. Might try that one week.
    Ok, go on then:
    A is for Again , as in "Yes, again I'm posting another book"
    B is for Blessed - which I am with my hubby and family
    C is for Coffee - my pick me up in the morning
    D is for Daughters - no explanation needed
    E is for Energy - mine is good these days
    F is for Friends - I'm blessed with a few
    G is for Grapes - don't you just love them
    H is for Heaven - hopefully where we're headed
    I is for Ink - for my fountain pen so I can write in my journal
    J is for Journal - my sanity and peace

  4. Thank you. I like writing my gratitude list so much. Makes me feel good.


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