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Heart (Mind and Lung) Healthy Gratitude List

What am I grateful for? Let me cite and list.

  1. Food I like and can afford: seafood, greens, oats, quinoa.
  2. Learning to slightly brown quinoa to make it yummy before adding water when cooking. Yes, I just learned, this way I like quinoa. Can you say "keen-uhWAH?"
  3. The ease of cooking quinoa. Guess what? It is easier than cooking rice and more nutritious and protein-rich.  
  4. Youtube search for the ease of researching videos for entertainment and learning  It also stores silly videos I make  
  5. My daughter helps me remove dead leaves from indoor plants. She also watered them.  I call her my family assistant as I pay her for coming over when she helps with chores. She makes my heart happy.
  6. Life and a chance to make a difference and spread kindness. What’ve I I want loved ones to remember me by  I am no Irene Cara who can sing Fame and even her who in her song “wanna live forever” didn’t.  Each day, my chance renews to make good of myself and help others. Today is the day  
  7. A breath of fresh air, however cold in Colorado. If you live in the Northeast, maybe wear a ski mask first. Sorry, Bostonians.
  8. Football to entertain us in the cold weather, and watching in the comfort of our home by the fireplace.
  9. Picking greens indoors.  Kale, anyone? 

Can I say, farming and football? :)

10. And last but not the least, TTOT, inspires me to think how lucky I am to have at least ten things to be thankful for.

Skillet in use: Le Creuset 
Enameled Cast Iron Signature Square Skillet 
Grill, 10.25", Cerise


  1. A very happy list, thank you for sharing it and the tip about quinoa.

  2. I love quinoa and haven't made it in ages! Browning it first sounds like a terrific idea. Will definitely try it next time! One more week of football and what will we do until fall? Go, Chiefs!


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