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Summer Gratitude 2019

Hello from the hot summer in Colorado. I just got back from a vacation with my family. I attached my recent pictures down to my graduation. I finally finished my bachelor's in nursing. I had an associate degree for many years but not I can officially say I am a bit smarter. :)

Look at me hanging out with the stars in Los Angeles, California, the wax museum, that is.

A visit to California is not complete without the scene of the Pacific Beach. Here we are in San Diego with the water warm enough, we could actually go wading comfortably.

Paul and I are back in Colorado shopping at the farmer's market. 
The other pictures are with my family in California for a mini-reunion. 
I can't help but notice that sign on the white truck in La Jolla, "People are important." Yes, indeed, no matter what race or color, I should add. 

 More beach pictures. Can you spot the seals and sea lions?
And look at how we positioned ourselves in the picture as a family? We did not plan that special line up.

And here are more family pictures. I have to post a picture of my grandson. He is now 4 months old. The last one is, of course, my graduation day before I headed to a much-needed vacation. 

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Congratulations on your graduation!

  2. Congratulations on the degree! Very cool.
    Liked the vacation photos... the summer on this coast had been pretty warm (never be too warm for me)... and excellent family photos.
    Have a good week!

  3. I am so proud of you for getting your bachelor’s in nursing. I know it requires a lot of hard work and often sacrificing doing other things in order to reach the goal.
    Love seeing all those wonderful photos of you and your family. What a cute little grandson!

  4. Congratulations!
    San Diego was our go-to weekend getaway when we lived in California. The weather always seems to be perfect there!

  5. Hi, Carin! Haven't seen you in a long time! Congratulations on your graduation! Going to school and working on your degree must have been tough! Your grandbaby is adorable! SoCal beaches are deceiving, especially in LA where the water is NEVER warm!

  6. Just catching up and loving your photos of California!


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