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Summer Outdoors

creek at Bear Creek Nature Center in Colorado Springs
Beak Creek Nature park

While visiting the beaches in California, my former state before Colorado some 20 years ago, I realized how I took for granted the beauty of the large body of water when I was living there. How could I not appreciate the beautiful waves and sunset kissing the water when I was minutes away from it? How could I not walk the warm sand at least weekly, the same way I enjoyed it now massaging my feet as I walked? Now I can only do it rarely unless I fly to the west (or east) coast weekly. 

Last June while in Florida, and had a few days by the beach, I did not think about it. I used to live close to the beach, in California, that 's where I stayed for over ten years. Anyway, now that I am back to beautiful Colorado, I told myself not to take for granted the beautiful weather, mountains, and lakes we have here. We have numerous parks to visit, some only a few minutes away. 

Here, my nursing volunteer friends and family visited Colorado Springs. It is over an hour away from Denver but we visited for different scenery and to eat in a Filipino cafe afterward. We squeeze in our Philippine Nursing Association of Colorado (PNACO) monthly meeting to talk about our next project of offering a day of the health fair for the Denver community.

Here is my gratitude list for this post.
  1. Beautiful California beaches 
  2. Scenic Bear Creek Park
  3. A day off to spend with nurse friends
  4. My own health and I am glad I can volunteer some time to help others
  5. Filipino cafe where I can eat native cuisine I did not cook. I had pancit noodles.
  6. Cooperating weather. We did not get rained on.
  7. Smooth traffic on the way and back 
  8. Hat
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Money to buy school supplies for my college daughter
That's all for now. What do you like about your surroundings?

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Lovely thankfuls! I like that we have nice walkways and a wonderful park nearby.

  2. Totally agree about the ocean. (Different ocean, same effect). While we live one town from the water, we do make it a point to go there.
    Have spent limited time in the mountains (opposite of oceans but moving much slower?)
    Where did this here summer go?

  3. It's so easy to fall into the habit of taking things for granted. We have been making a conscious effort to develop routines to enjoy our surroundings here. For example, we have a porch, but found we weren't really using it until we decided that we would have breakfast on the porch on Saturday mornings (at least while the weather is nice!) We also try to visit places that are nearby, that other people might come from far away to see. (I think we learned that lesson the first time we moved away from southern California, and realized just how much we failed to see while we were there!)

  4. Awww, a beautiful list about lovely places. We have swamps, and i do like them, but beaches and mountains are great, too.

  5. Being able to find a restaurant that serves native food that you like is a plus.
    Those college supplies can really add up. I'm glad there is enough money to purchase them for your daughter.
    Yeah for smooth traffic when traveling on a trip!


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Hey. We are a small group of nurses volunteering in Colorado called PNACO . Our group is non-for-profit for the state and United States. We have grouped all over the US and in the Philippines benefitting local communities.  Our next fundraising is BINGO online via zoom best used with a computer. Join us! Let me know if you want to join under comments.