Sunrise Amphitheater Elopement Wedding

 I am trying to load some pictures but they must be "heavy" and won't load. I got married a few days ago and I am beyond grateful finally tying the knot with my soulmate of ten years. We are living together now and are still finding new things about each other.

I can watch this raw video over and over, with or without audio. I am sorry, it is quite long--28 minutes. No editing has been done yet.

We did a wedding 2020 style, no visitors. Everybody is safe. No guilt.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Congratulations!!!!! What a wonderful day! :-)

  2. So happy for you. What a beautiful setting for your wedding!

    1. Thank you, Pat. The place is beautiful indeed. We plan to go back many times to watch the sunrise.

  3. Very cool

    (congrats to you both!)

  4. Such a beautiful wedding spot and you looked amazing! I am so happy for you! Papa Bear and I also got married without guests, it is a special memory just for us! 💕


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