Easter Sunday Home Celebration

Hello and Happy Easter. It was a busy work week. I worked my regular 4-9-hour days and mistakenly showed up to work another day that I was not on the schedule. Of course, they made me work anyway. It was not a bad week at all in the hospital.

Here's my gratitude list.
  • Easter goodies especially Peeps, my favorite! Luckily, they do not go into lock-down. No lines outside on early Sunday morning in the store, either. We tried yesterday and the lines were long, even in Whole Foods.
  • Easter Elmo book because it's not all about sweets.
  • A big enough easter egg for Easter egg hunting for little Josiah to find quick.
  • The cold and the snow today. We had an excuse to stay indoors. It's not all about the COVID.

  • People complying with the stay-at-home order and staying safe. No traffic on the road this morning.
  • Good enough weather yesterday to walk outside and breathe fresh air. 
  • Walking outdoors is still OK as long as we maintain distance from others 6 feet or more away.
  • Online church.
  • A day off this Easter to spend time with family.
  • Since March, over 70 patients got better and discharged from my hospital from COVID-19. 


  1. Aw, couldn't they have just pretended they didn't see you and sent you home to get some much needed rest?
    I am glad you had Easter off and you got to attend online Easter services.
    Such cute little four-leaf clover shaped photos!
    Yeah for the recoveries from COVID-19.

  2. We're experiencing similar (except for the snow) weather... early March type weather.
    Encouraging to hear about those who recover, not the emphasis in the media and such.
    Next stop....summer!

  3. Glad you had a nice Easter! Thanks again for all you do to help those fighting COVID.


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