A Welcoming Happy June

Hey, hey, hey. It is still June and I am posting my second list of gratitude post of the month. I do better this month already than the previous, I think.

I cannot fail to mention Father's Day. I special mention, Paul, who's been a great father: a tennis dad to a varsity teen who won doubles for the state of Colorado, a basketball dad to his son playing varsity this summer for his school, a math tutor, a life skills coach, and the sole financial provider to two lucky kids. Look at him enjoying his Margarita on his night. I thought he would order something hard but with just a lady's drink he had a smile from ear to ear.

I thank the thoughtful people who brought cupcakes and cookies in the nurse's lounge one day. I don't even know who brought them. Sometimes, I'd see a card or a sign who the treats are from. But on days we are so busy on the floor to take a coffee break, my hungry tummy, sure, is glad to find quick snacks I can stuff in my sugar hungry mouth, and run back to the busy floor. 

I found this free app on iOs (also available on Android) called Text to Jesus. I write a word or two about what I am thinking about. And then it responds in a form of a short reading from the bible. One time I sent the screenshot of the reading to my teens. I did not get any response but maybe a picture is worth a thousand words? Oh well, I sent this, 

Do to others as you would have them do to you," Luke 6:31. 

No text back from my teens. But I am thinking, it is not me nagging at them. These are words from the Bible so maybe they would listen. This app is for me as well. If I need an inspiration or a reading, I use the app. Half of the times, it is right on and it eases my mind. I don't carry a Bible around but my phone, I carry most of the times. The app comes handy.

My city had a ten-day art fest. My daughter and I participated in painting a mural to be displayed later. Look at her posing proud in front of the piece.

I finished a 5K on a 100-degree weather. The fact that I finished it is an accomplishment on its own, never mind my speed. Heck, I still earned a medal even though I walked all the shady areas. When I said, "I walked," I slowly walked. A friendly dog on my way gave me a slobbery lick on my hand. Maybe it thought I could use some hydration. Anyway, I helped raise funds for heart and stroke patients. It is a good sacrifice to make.

My family discovered a nearby Mexican restaurant that was pretty good. We passed it by many times before but it is away from the road that we did not notice it until I read the reviews in Yelp. We will eat there again.

Snowball looks like he posed for the picture but my poodle was just resting on a hard medicine ball. I don't know why of all places he rested there but he looks so cute.

And lastly but the greatest gratitude of all--my son loved the Welcome Home cake we got for him from being away for high school for a year. He is back home full time. The cake is Tres Leches cake which is a light, wet-whipped-creamy cake we all enjoyed. It is a sweet ending to the sort-of-boot-camp-high-school of one year. He is 18 now and I realize his move may not last a long time. I am hoping he'd go to college but he may move out of our home before then as he is working a lot these days and saving up for a car and an apartment. No matter what, I wish him happiness and self sufficiency.

And that concludes my post for the month. Next time I will write about our vacation to California. 

Have a good rest of the month, my friends.

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  1. Scripture apps are great to have. My hands don't turn pages as easily at this stage in my life, so it is really a lot easier for me to quickly go back and forth in the scriptures using an app.
    Participating in a ten-day art fest with your daughter sounds like a fun bonding time.
    Congratulations for completing a 5K anytime let alone in 100 degree weather!
    I also tried out a new (to me) Mexican restaurant this past week. The couple who owns and manages it do all the cooking from scratch, so were able to accommodate "no spices" for the order I got for my husband. I got take out orders. My husband gave it a thumbs up.
    I wouldn't think a medicine ball could be too comfortable for Snowball.
    Hopefully the boot camp was helpful for your son and he will be off to a good start as a young adult. I think every parent hopes their children will become self-sufficient. It is good that he has found a job.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I so love the photo collages you make to accompany your gratitude lists! They always make me smile! It sounds like Paul had a wonderful Father's Day and is blessed because you appreciate him. Good Fathers are truly special, they make all the difference! He looks like he definitely enjoyed that Margarita!

    My daughter is also a nurse and talks about how nice it is when people bring in treats for the nurses who are often on the go just as you say, with little time to stop for extra energy snacks. It also feels good to be appreciated for all the hard work and long hours you put in. You have such a caring heart that I know you must be an excellent nurse!

    I had to download your Text to Jesus app to check it out, and it really is quite nice! I love our ability to find so many useful things on the Internet and access them through our phones! Twenty years ago we would not have believed this would be possible! I sometimes send thoughts to my children too. Even if they don't comment I know they have read them and maybe a seed has been planted!

    The Art Fest sounds like such fun. Mother-daughter projects are a great thing to share, and memories she will keep and do the same with her own children some day! The mural is bright and beautiful!

    Wow! You finished that 5K in 100 degree heat! I am so proud of you! I would have been soon sitting under a tree with the dog and jug of water! :-) It was such a good cause to be a part of and I admire your determination to see it through to the end. The photo is so cute!

    Snowball is adorable, animals do rest in the funniest places, my cats can sleep in almost any position and on the craziest surfaces, even when a soft cushion is right next to them. Yesterday two of them stuffed themselves together into a cat carrier that had the door open, and I know they had to be warm with all that long fur on a hot day, but they napped like that for two hours. It made me laugh! The smarter one likes to run to our refrigerator whenever I open the door because he knows he will get a nice blast of cool air, and maybe an ice cube to slide across the floor! :-)

    Welcome Home Henry, and congratulations on finishing school! I know how proud you are of him for getting that done. I am sure the cake made him smile. It is nice to hear that he is working hard and has a plan for his life. College is not the answer for everyone, and he may even decided to do some kind of training later on.

    Thank you so much for taking time in your busy life to share your reasons to be thankful, it is a contagious attitude, and makes each day easier! Have a really good week coming up! XOXO

  3. I've managed two posts this month, too, Carin! Go us! :D
    This Text to Jesus app is interesting...definitely want to check that out. Thanks for sharing the info.

  4. I agree with Josie, very creative combination of photos and text to create a TToT. 100 degrees!?! I am totally envious (as I much prefer heat to the chilly 60s). But the run/walk very impressive. That is one activity that has never risen all that high on my list of priorities.
    Good TToT


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