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Times of Gratitude

It has been a good week, not perfect but good. Hey, I'm here and have the energy and time to post. My theme this week is -- you guessed it. Time!

This week I went to a co-worker's retirement party and enjoyed some nursing cake too. Levell retired after serving the hospital as a nurse for over 30 years. We met at the brewery and the place was packed with mostly her friends and coworkers. I kissed her goodbye and she had this tears of joy and maybe sadness as well that she is leaving. God bless her.

A walk in the park around the lake is great with dog Velvet and best when my daughter tags along too even though she stays on the concrete with her skateboard. Going back, she offered to hold V's leash. Velvet ran pulling her. It was funny to look at. Velvet seemed to really like pulling my daughter like pulling a kid on a sled. We had a great time.

I finally tried acupuncture that I had been dreading to do to alleviate some aches, anxiety, stress, and overactive bladder. My daughter tried it too and she took that picture with the paper-fan decor on the wall. She is still afraid of needles and has not tried the therapy again. I, however, like it and already had my session for the fourth time. My symptoms are fading. I also checked my tongue just now and the teeth marks on the sides disappeared which suggests I do not grind my teeth in my sleep anymore.

It is colder now, so my vegetables outside are dying except for the kale. My daughter took some potted vegetable plants indoors. Look at this pepper plant surviving.

I donated one hour of my vacation time to charity being run at work and they gave me a color-changing cube alarm clock in return. I love it. The color-changing is supposed to help boost mood.

I thank the daylight savings time today for the extra hour of sleep. Fall back!

My favorite chocolate is on sale!

I recently refinanced my home and replaced my 11-year old gas-hustling van with a new economy car Jetta. My daughter is posing  ala-The-Price-is-Right model. 

I thank my dogs for forcing encouraging me to walk. Look at Snowball waiting at the front door. How could I not make time?

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  1. (The fields in the comment box are a little over-lapping, I trust this will make sense.
    Good to see that winter has not arrived out where you are, seeing how it's usually a sign of how our winter is (here on the East Coast).
    Dogs are perfect life-forms (lol... I always say and leave it for people who like dogs to smile and agree).

    1. I can read your comment just fine.
      Dogs give unconditional love. I love them for that in addition to being great companion.

  2. A colour changing alarm clock. Cool.

  3. Wonderful list of thankfuls. I grind my teeth, I may look into accupuncture too.


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