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Happy Thanksgiving

Painting a bowl and a tile at Arvada, Into the Fire
At Into The Fire ceramic painting studio with helpful staff, Arvada

The Christmas season is here! 

Wait, it is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. Some streets are already decorated with Christmas lights. I am not ready yet. 

"Can we put the Christmas tree up?"

"Not yet. Let's wait until this weekend," I told my daughter.

We have a small foil tree that literally takes only five minutes to put up and decorate, ready with its light and all. Anyway, it does not matter. It is too early to put a tree up.

I feel hurried. 

Can I take the time to be thankful first?

Of course, I can. It is the Thanksgiving week, anyway . .  .It will be Thanksgiving Thursday before the Black Friday Christmas shopping event. 

Moving on, I am thankful for:

  1. The freedom I get to enjoy in America. "God Bless America, my home sweet home."
  2. The approaching year to give me a chance to start anew. I want to be more productive. I already started a new planner, ditching an old one, and using two guidebooks for gratitude. I am excited about 2018.
  3. Teens staying home and being good. 
  4. Look at me painting ceramics with my daughter.
  5. Food on the table; most I got on sale. 
  6. Early turkey and ham? Oh, yeah!
  7. A stable job.
  8. Financial room to increase my retirement savings contribution by one percent. Baby steps!
  9. A little pampering I get to enjoy with my daughter, relaxing yoga, for 10-11 dollars per class in one of the top 5 yoga studio in my area. That's a good deal!
  10. The weekly (or twice weekly) acupuncture continues to benefit me medically, and my insurance reimburses me for it. 
That is it for now. I may not have ten pictures this week but I am indeed thankful.

Have a good week. 

Join us! 


  1. Trust all will have a good Thanksgiving this week. (I agree) too fast to get the Christmas decorations up especially in the stores or on tv.

  2. My mind happily supplied the additional photo to match your great list of thankfuls, and all of them were smiles!! I love that you are able to share experiences with your daughter and that both your children are home and it is peaceful. That is always a challenge when they are young adults!

    I was raised with the tradition of Christmas not even being thought about until Thanksgiving was over. Now it seems to be promoted along with Halloween and by December we are weary of all the hype. Our Christmas tree will go up after Thanksgiving, Papa Bear will be home and he enjoys helping. The cats will enjoy seeing what they can remove without getting caught! :-)

    It is wonderful that you've found good food sales and are enjoying turkey and ham! My husband's boss gives them a spiral cut ham each Thanksgiving which is generous and really appreciated!

    I love the ceramics work, and also the yoga classes, both are fun and relaxing and along with acupuncture add to your sense of wellbeing and appreciation of life! I also love that you have challenged yourself even further for the coming year. It's good to see what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it.

    Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and a warm and cheerful holiday season ahead! XOXO

  3. That sounds like so much fun to enjoy taking a ceramics class with your daughter.
    You have listed some great things in your TToT post.
    It is nice to be able to look forward to a new year in another month, a time to start over with new goals, etc.


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