It's Almost Easter

Six years ago, my Facebook showed
My children posed with their beaks exposed
We were at the park on a sunny day
Back then like the parks and play
That was years ago
It is different now 
They seldom go with me somehow 
I'm getting old but I still should move
Not to play in the park but to the gym, I could . . .

Alone I go, as my teens are slow
Not slow in general, but in the morning? Oh no,
They can't get up as their limbs are tied
To the bed, they are, but not at night

I miss my kids when they were young
Back then they followed, danced with me, and sung
How I cope is just to remember the old
And walk with a book with encouraging words

I borrowed this book Operation Happiness
It is full of tips, just sweetness no nastiness
I do this as I can't watch or read the news
Without reading something that gives a boost

Last weekend we went to an auto show
I didn't buy anything as I've got  no dough
But for fun, we posed with some nice cars
Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar

My daughter went with us, though a little bored 
It's a blessing the place has a charging station aboard
They must have kept the children's parents in mind
To keep everyone happy, the techy kinds

I've got another picture from years ago
It's me and Paul with our Easter eggos 
In that picture, I wore my wig because
At that time I was bald from cancer and chemo

But look at me now with a head full of hair
As I'm enjoying my green smoothie to nourish my body
It took cancer for me to really watch my food
I'm afraid it'd come back so kale I drink and chew

Oh look, my daughter got up for a hike with me
Though it was close to dark, and we had to turn back
We should have started earlier
Like in the morning perhaps

Lastly, I want to thank my Filipino-American group
For teaching Tagalog class, something I couldn't
I do not have the patience of teaching my language
So my daughter enrolled in the lessons she craved
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  1. Such a wonderful poem full of gratitude and hope, and some deep thoughts and parenting humor too! I think we will always miss the years when they were young and doing things with us was high at the top of their lists of fun. How wonderful to look back five years to overcoming cancer and see how far you've come, YAY!! It is also awesome that your daughter wants to learn Tagalog, keeping her heritage alive. I read each time you post a TToT that you get out and do things, see things, and enjoy good food together, finding lots of reasons to smile. It makes me smile too! Thank you for joining us for TToT, have an awesome week coming up! :-)

  2. There's a weird time when you children don't want anything to do with you and you miss their little fun selves. But time goes on and adult relationships with your children are worth all the wait.

  3. Yes, sometimes i miss the times when my children were young. There are a lot of great things about them now that they are grown, too. Happy Easter!

  4. Lots of memory and reflection. Seems you work hard to stay healthy. So glad to hear you've remained cancer free. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  5. This was so fun!
    Can't imagine how long it must have taken
    Out of your head for rhyming words to be shaken!

    My dearly departed Filipino-American brother-in-law naturally spoke Tagalog. I wish now that I had learned more of it from him. Just having that knowledge would help keep him near to my heart I think.

  6. Your TToT poem is delightful. It is wonderful that you are a cancer survivor and are trying to do all the right things to stay healthy. I think a mother will always retain memories of their children when they were young, but the relationships that continue to develop with them as adults are ones to be cherished as well.


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