The Great Outdoors

What am I thankful for?
There are many as before
As I head out my door
I had a chance to explore

I hiked with my nurse friends
It was a great time to spend
Just talking and walking
I did not want it to end

Oh, and last fourth of July
I hung out with my guy
We just looked up in the sky
Watching a show of fireworks up high

And then my last day in Cali
That I spent with my family
Walking by the beach merrily
And dipping in the pool lazily


  1. What a delightful poem of summer enjoyed, moments and memories to be thankful for! I think the simplicity of the verses added to the light feeling of pleasure and contentment and definitely made me smile, Carin!

    The day spent exploring with your coworker friends sounded perfect, nothing makes one feel better than good conversation and laughter, and in such a beautiful location!

    Forth of July fireworks never fail to fill us with awe. No matter how old we get it is like being a child all over again! I'm glad you two got to share the fireworks display, it's a very romantic thing!

    Your vacation trip to California sounded like the perfect get away, seeing family, and enjoying the peaceful beauty of the ocean, and soaking up sun by the pool!

    I hope your summer continues to be one of fun adventures and family times to remember always, thank you so much for sharing your reasons to be thankful with us! XOXO

  2. Your poem is a wonderful way of expressing your TToT. I like how you underscored the specific items too.
    You were able to enjoy your vacation in so many different ways, ways to relax the mind and the body and I'm sure bringing you joy.

  3. Sounds like all the best summer has to offer!

  4. Sounds terrific!

  5. I always sit back after reading a post such as your's this week and think, "How do they do that?" A grat post takes effort and we all manage, but a grat post in the form of poetry... very, very cool.
    Have a good week.

    1. I can only write simple poems. It is fun to write.

  6. Love all these fun summer activities Catchy poem.


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