Smiling and Feeling Grateful

"Nobody can be uncheered with balloons." -- Winnie the Pooh

1. I have no balloons this week, but I have this smile throw pillow to borrow during family therapy with my son. The pillow is always there when we have our session. It makes the session easier, at least, it is comfy as I have it on my lap, resting my elbows. It gives me comfort. I am thankful for little things like that.

2. I am always thankful for the healthy food I enjoyed while Paul is out-of-state. No calorie-laden (but an oh-so-delicious gigantic platter of eggs benedict++) this weekend. I had, instead, an all-you-can-eat salad at Red Robins.

3 and 4. I also had a hot meal on a cold day after dropping him off at the airport while reading a book by Joel Osteen to make me feel even better.

5. A quick dessert with frozen yogurt satisfied daughter's and my tummy after a not-good-enough haircut she had next door. Oh, teenagers can be hard to please. I think her bangs are just fine.

6. My dogs' company is something to be thankful as well. They stay home longer than my teens. :)

7. My training chopsticks arrive so Paul can stop laughing at me when my Asian self-asks for a fork at Asian restaurants.

8. My yoga app is very useful for a quick at-home yoga without paying for a class.

9. I am thankful for my daughter's company although she did not let me take a good picture of her. She really does not like her bangs. "It's too much," she says. She has not taken any selfies ever since so she must not really like it.

10. Last but not the least, but may be the cheapest, I am thankful for my $1.50 bunch of flowers I bought from the store. I've had them for five days and they still look okay. Fresh flowers help brighten my home so I have been buying them every two weeks now. It is cheaper than therapy co-pay if I buy the simple bunch.


  1. Winnie the Pooh is right - it's impossible to be uncheerful when balloons are involved. We just had fun with a balloon and one of our cats this evening.
    Eggs of my favorite things. Not the healthiest, but so delicious! I figure if I serve them with some sauteed kale on the side I'm good, right? Balance?
    Good to see you here - keep the thankfuls coming!

    1. The kale on the side is a good idea! Yes for balance. :)

  2. This was a wonderful TToT, it made me feel good to read it! I am working on seeing about getting a TToT blog space back up and running, I miss it too. I loved your comment about the dog staying home longer than the kids, so true! My two grown children would also tell you that our cats get away with far more than they did growing up! Fresh flowers certainly do brighten up a house and I love anyone who buys them for themselves rather than waiting for someone to maybe bring some. I hope we'll see you again next week. My TToT for last week is at

    1. I can just home that TToT blog space will be up again. I realize it will cost so I can't insist, just hoping...
      I buy flowers for myself more often than I receive them for a gift. I choose not to wait till next Valentines, birthday, or Mother's day. I do kinda expect them though on those occasions.


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