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Colors and Peacocks

reasons to be thankful

There is beauty around us
It may be for fee or for free
Regardless, it is there
To enjoy, for you and me

Like these birds in the yard
Of a restaurant nearby
Where we did not have to buy
We could have just passed by

They have peacocks and chickens
Goats and some ducks
Anybody could enjoy
Without spending some bucks

Of course, with my family
We almost always had to buy a thing
So we got cookies and lunch
And we did a little walking

We got to pet the goat
And admire the two peacocks
For their beauty and colors
As they played in their "sandbox"

Animals give me joy
For many things they do
They do not have to be big actions
But maybe an act or two

At home, with silly Wally
It's the black dog in the picture
I was taking a selfie
When he sneaked in the picture

He was looking at my bread
Cross-eyed and very interested
Hoping I'd give it to him
He was hoping for the best

By the way, that's the bread
I got from Whole Foods
It's the recipe from a dude
Dave (killer), it's good!

At work was fun too
With my co-workers on Saint Patrick's
Some wore their green for the day
As we learned about Safety tactics

It was Safety Awareness
And it got my attention
With their freebies and goodies
Bribe works great in education

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  1. Sounds like you had a good week. It is always fun to see animals up close. I love petting zoos.

  2. Such a fun post, Carin, the first TToT in poetry form that I recall, and I loved it! I like that you are able to find joys in simple things like I do. Animals are wonderful to watch and interact with and are soothing to be around when too much people time can overwhelm us. Your job is extremely stressful, I know this from my daughter. Did Wally get a bite of bread? My cat Toby always hangs close by with pleading eyes as well, and he knows I will give in. The safety training with freebies and goodies was nice though! :-) Have a good week ahead, Spring is coming, and with it lifted spirits! Blessings to you always!

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  4. How very clever to rhyme your post. Peacocks are so beautiful but they make the most screeching sounds as the preen for the public. Sounds like a good week, rhyming this way adds to the lightness and fun of the week.

  5. foto-bombed by fido!! (I trust I'm using the expression 'photo bomb' correctly) dark dogs! Una is nearly entirely black.... only closeups work when taking her picture

    1. Yes you did. Wally did photo bombed . . . LOL

  6. I often turn to the radio or other music when I need a lift or a mood change.
    Love your poem. Very cute part about the animals. Spring needs to get here so we can get to the zoo! Of course they are open all year...but brr!

  7. Love the poem about your week and your photos too!

  8. I can't pass a petting zoo without stopping to say hello to the goats. Goats crack me up with their playful antics!


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